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Tammy Russo enters the old theatre for another try out chasing the dream of being on stage. She holds this dear, ever since she was little. She put off the dream to go to college and earn a well paying job. However, the dream burns within her. The current path leads her to Tommy's Tap Dancing Show. They need singers, and she did more singing in school than dancing.

Tammy runs through song lyrics in her head,  and she runs over every bit of stage advice she knows. She joins the line of other girls all ready to compete for the same part. It has the vibe of a movie or Broadway audition, not for a backup part in a small time act. Other girls warm up their voices, others apply last minute make up, and others practice their dancing. Tammy ponders how she could win. She is the only redhead though. She is far from a bombshell, but she did curl her hair. These vintage shows tend to like curls. Tammy's phone buzzes in her pocket. She takes it out and read a text from her friend Brianna.

Brianna texts her. 'You find it?'

She responds, 'Yes, I'll meet you after for lunch'

'good luck! rock their world!' Brianna encourages her.

Tammy suppresses her giggle, "We'll see."

After an eternity humming songs to herself, Tammy stands outside the theater door. The door opens and reveals a tall woman. She wears a classy silver blouse that dominated the room. She has a timeless beauty, an Old Hollywood with a bombshell haircut and heels to give her a strut. She walks to Tammy with a bundle under her arm. "I'm Joan, Tommy's secretary, publicist, manager, agent. I'm the act he just sings and dances."

Tammy sits in awe of how she spoke with commanding authority without coming off as arrogant. She is like a relaxed tiger. Not ready to strike, but she has claws in case she needs them and she knew it. Tammy whistles, "You go girl! That's enough jobs for four people, especially in a city like this."

The vixen flashes a smile, "I relish a challenge."

Joan hands her the bundle, a stack of folded clothes, "Put these on, it's a dress rehearsal."

Tammy takes them anxiously. "Thanks! Where is the..."

Joanne points to a closet nearby. "Good luck sister, knock 'em dead."

Tammy goes into the small changing room. She puts on white short sleeved cotton blouse, black bow tie, and a black skirt that did not make it halfway down her calves. She also slips on. The nude nylon stocking matches her skin tone perfectly. She looks like she walked out of a photo jazzy dancers.

She walks out, and sees the other double door. She goes in to a dance studio lined with mirrors. A handsome, dark haired gentlemen with a white dress shirt, black bow tie, and matching dance pants. He wears clacking black and white tap dance shoes.

"Welcome." He greets her, "I am Tommy."

Tammy stiffens up ready to rehearse her pitch, "Hi, I'm Tammy, I'm-"

He laughs and holds his hand up, "Sorry to interrupt, but you don’t have to tell me your life story if you don't want to. Please, sing a song. Preferably jazz age."

She eases up and takes a deep breath. She sings Frank Sinatra's Blue Moon. Tommy pulls up a chair and listens with rapt attention. "This is good, great even. You definitely have the singing down. How's your dancing?"

Tammy blushes and holds her hands at her sides, "I... I don't dance."

Tommy rubs his hands together eagerly, "Oh, that's fine I can help with that. You have the look and the sound down pat."

Tammy pulls back into herself, "You can't teach me to dance like you in less than a month"

He holds up a finger, "Oh but I can, one moment."

He goes to a wooden box, and pulls out silver tap-dancing shoes dancing with a two inch heel  and a single strap. He hands her shoes, “I need you to put on these shoes.”

Tammy straps them on. She walks in them clacking with each step. When Tommy sees they were on, he turns on an old record player. Putting on the Ritz a fills Tammy's ears. Suddenly, without a single thought to it, she began to dance like she did so her entire life. Her legs guides her movements. Her body on autopilot. Tammy taps and brushes her heels and toes, and draws them across the ground to the music with the ease of a lifetime if practice. Riff, riffle, scuff, it is all reflexive.

Tommy stops the music and Tammy stops dancing. The surge of energy ebbs. Her heart flutters from the carefree joy of dancing. She breathes a little heavier, but she is not out of breath. On the contrary, her body is jumping for the chance to go again. Tammy takes deep breaths looking down at the shoes. "What did… how..."

Tommy smiles and puts his hand on her shoulder reassuringly, "It wasn't anything I did, it was the shoes and the music. As to how, I don't understand it myself."

Tommy switches the record, this time Begin the Beguine, and joins the dance with her. Tammy began to dance again. However, this time Tommy joined her. They start slow then transition to more advanced with Maxie Fords, Cincinnati, and Triplets. He beams looking into her eyes as they continue to dance, "Honestly, Tammy, that is not the only reason I want you as my partner."

"Why is that?" She asks.

Tommy grows melancholic, "All the greats had a partner, and it gets lonely when you' re solo under the lights."

Tammy raises an eyebrow, "Isn't this cheating?"

Tommy joins hands with her,  "You sing perfect, you just need help dancing. With all that, will you join me?"

"Yes." She answers without a moment's hesitation.

She could stay under the lights and dance with Tommy forever! Tommy beams as he takes her into his arms and dips her, "Tappin' Tommy and Tammy, there is a ring to it."

Suddenly, the music stops and so do the performers. They look to see Joanne standing beside the record player, "I hate to cut in but I know you'd dance forever of I didn't."

Tommy sticks his hands in his pockets and laughs, "You don't know what it's like."

Joanne winks, "I plan to keep it that way, I don't dance."

Tommy puts his hands in his pockets like a schoolboy whose fun gets cut short, "Alright, she gets set up in the other room?"

"Yes, I'll take her there."Joanne motions to Tammy, "Follow me, I'll help you."

Tammy pants more from feeling like she is flying than from exhaustion, "I'm right behind you."

Tommy waves as they leave, "I'll let you get settled then we can meet for dinner. My treat."

Tammy nods waving back, "Thank you, for everything."

Joanne leads her up a spiral staircase and to a solitary door. Joanne bows her head as she opens the door. "Welcome to the act. Really, it's a pleasure to have you aboard."

Tammy takes a deep breath, "I'm trying to take it all in, this is… a dream come true."

Joanne struts past her back towards the stairs, "That may be, but you still have a lot of work ahead."

Tammy nods in anticipation, "I'll be ready. "

She goes into her new room. It is a plain fixer upper with a simple queen bed and a vanity mirror. The tinted window on the wall gives her a view of the bustling city streets. She is about to take off her shoes, when her ringtone went off and she dances to it. She manages to answer stopping the music and her dancing. Brianna speaks on the other end, "You get the part?"

"Yup!" Tammy exclaims, "It went well!"

"Awesome!" Brianna replies mirroring her enthusiasm.

Tammy exhales sitting on her bed unable to believe all that happened in the past half hour. "Looks like it’s the beginning of a swell gig."

Brianna giggles, "You sound like you are getting into it."

Tammy giggles as well, "Well, I hate to run but I need to get ready for the victory lap dinner."

"Have fun!" Brianna says.

"See ya!" Tammy replies and hangs up. She lays out on the bed breathless. Maybe her dreams has come true.
This is something that me and :iconsuperfan44: have collaborated on. It was an experiment for me on a few things on a few things I don't normally do. 
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artist9795 Featured By Owner May 20, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Its amazing how she remembers the whole routine without actually practicing or learning the dance routine
manymasksmanyfaces Featured By Owner May 27, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
That is a part of the magic of the shoes ^^

From a constructive criticism standpoint was that clear? One of the weaknesses of my writing is clairty
artist9795 Featured By Owner May 25, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Interesting story
manymasksmanyfaces Featured By Owner May 26, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
thank you! ^^
larqven Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016
Pretty interesting!  A would be performer where the gig chooses her, complete with 'red shoes' magic, and a dominant manager.  Nothing could go wrong for Tammy here, right? ;)
manymasksmanyfaces Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
In hindsight this ended up more suggestive than I planned XD
larqven Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2016
'Tapping', 'Tommy' and 'Tammy', this sort of alliteration is almost too perfect.  They might well be lost into the roles.

It's destiny!  And if one doesn't believe in coincidence--planning--which might be all the more binding. :O
manymasksmanyfaces Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Mayyyyyybeeee XD

of course on a meta level it is destiny because a higher power brings them together, namely me! mwahahahahaha!
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