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Portrait of a Princess by DJ-Rainbow-Dash

I gave you a 4 on vision because I factored in the work you said that you put into it. While a simple piece, that does not discredit or...

Story Time by Inked-Alpha

Hey, I'm going to right you a critique today! This piece, oh this piece, it speaks to me. It looks like something in a good animated sh...

Darknut - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess by Mystic-Forces

I showed this to a friend and he said this is proof a Zelda tv show be it anime or not can be done. One thing I like about Zelda is tha...

Jet by Toonexterminator

Just looking at the picture and not the profile as if I am seeing a book's cover, I am intrigued. The art style reminds me of Nicktoons...


Have a good thanksgiving everyone! Even if you don't celebrate the holiday, it's a good day to think about what you are thankful for in life. 
Writing fundamentals

These are not the only fundamentals of riding but these are the ones that stick out the most to me.

Firstly, you need confidence. This is easily the hardest thing to develop, and without it you may as well not bother like driving a car without gas. Confidence won't shield you when you stick your neck out there but confidence will keep you in the game. It intertwines with persistence. However, without the confidence why persist? The important thing to remember and that is that if you like it someone else will like it.

Second, a writer you has to have self discipline. This is critical because it's one of the things that separate published writers from published writers. Basically, you have to write to be a writer. What I don't do in other words. They say reading is essential to being a good writer, and while that expands your knowledge and reading isn't writing. How can people who read 100 books never write one. Writing is a skill like many others and you got to be able to develop the skill. I read online once a professional writer writes 50 words per day minimum with the intent that they wrote more than that from the inspiration. We can talk theories and all and that all day but if you don't actually apply you're not riding knowledge it's just that, knowledge.

A third fundamental part is language. Knowledge of whatever language it is your writing and are several different languages many people are bilingual. You have to be a surgeon with the words an artist and artist paints a picture with 1000 words. Every single article every single now for every single syllable is critical. Every word choice deliberate. Good writers write stories great writers construct art.

Now don't expect to be a great writer overnight, see #1, and even great writers aren't exactly popular if you are looking for your stuff to be made into a theme park. Marketing would be a good topic in the future. I plan to do more of these hopefully they help. I can do specific topics like pet peeves of mine or broader scoped topics Books I recommend are Worlds of Wonder: How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy by  David Gerrold  because he breaks it down microscopically and gives advice that applies to all writing. I read the book in middle school and liked it so much I wrote down the high points in a note book, then I just bought the book like a sensible person XD
Writing Advice, 3 Fundamentals
Hello, I was writing down some of my own personal writings rules and I figured I could share a few. I wondered if there was interest. I started writing so I could bring to life things I wanted to see instead of hoping and praying someone else would. There are many possibilities when you are a good writer I would recommend it to everyone. 

Want to see more?
I hope everyone had a good Halloween. I had a good one myself. I know I didn't put out a lot this October but I have been working on several projects and they will bear fruit in this month and December.

Also, a note on the latest ponies episode, I can relate. I hate to be scared. Long story short, my mom's side of the family's past time is scaring each other. No mercy is shown. Even if you are an adorable toddler, they'll jump out from behind walls and chase with masks. So yeah, not a fan of scaring things and like Fluttershy I hate to scare other people because I feel bad.

I can't help but ask though why didn't Fluttershy ask Discord for help scaring people? I guess the sadistic bunny will do. Discord would have been a bit of a nuke. Nice costumes on the ponies except for the rehashes, but then again, I have been a pirate most of my life so I shouldn't judge the dude the likes ninjas. 
Hot Topic Buy one get one 50% spoils by manymasksmanyfaces
Hot Topic Buy one get one 50% spoils
Hey! I don't normally do stuff like this, but I'm going to show off some swag I got at a Hot Topic. It's a Link hat from Zelda, a Majoras Mask t-shirt which is awesome, and the mask just spoke to me. It said something like... "kill them, no one will miss them. Eat the livers, and bury them in the backyard." So I bought it! ^^

Besides, you aren't missing much without it. :P
I was asking for requests some time ago, but until further notice I will politely decline them unless its from someone I know.


A word is worth 1000 pictures
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Never underestimate the power of the written word.
Have a good thanksgiving everyone! Even if you don't celebrate the holiday, it's a good day to think about what you are thankful for in life. 

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