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Just looking at the picture and not the profile as if I am seeing a book's cover, I am intrigued. The art style reminds me of Nicktoons...


Nathanial awoke greeted to fading sunlight. The soft tranquility as low tide broke against the shore. He recognized he was splayed out on a beach with sand over every inch of his body. His eyes stung from the salt. He sat up and to take care of at least a bit of the sand that cascaded off his back like a waterfall. He would have to wait forever for it all to leave, and even then there would still be some. He resolved to ignore it for now instead of try to remove it in vain. He tried to wipe as much sand as he could off his hand, though some stuck to him stubbornly, so he could wipe his eyes. With the burning salt sated, he glanced out over the picturesque sea as smooth as a quilt.  Did his eyes betray him or did he see a shape just above the water? Did his ears deceive or did a sweet voice call out the name that only his mother and close friends called him, Nate.

Nate blinked and it was gone. It must have been delirium. He  set aside his imagination to examine his reality. His long sleeve white shirt and brown leggings weighed him down. He moved slowly to ease his aches. He kicked off his boots and waded out into the cool water just for peace of mind that there was no one else drifting like flotsam.  The water chilled at first but he grew used to it quickly. He had to know for sure whether or not his eyes truly deceived him. No matter how many times he scanned back and forth over the water, he saw nothing else with him in he clear water. He hurried out as fast as he could lest he get a visit from a shark. Well, that proved it, he had not been awake on the island for more than an hour and he had gone mad.

Nate went out and sat down again to rub his head and think. A sea breeze helped to soothe him at least for a moment. He knew nothing of survival in the middle of the ocean. His plans of grandeur never accounted for this. After recalling the terrors of splintering wood and burning gunpowder before he blacked out, a new one set in. A remote  island held him prisoner, and that was the sunniest disposition he could hold up. Maybe he was not too far from the shipping lanes, but in pirate waters he may have been better off drowned. No one will come to save him anytime soon, and if he saw a ship it'd either be pirates or a navy ship that would assume he was a pirate if his present misfortune was any indication. He had no proof he was not a pirate even without a brand. He had not means of magical communication either.

That feeling of being watched interrupted his thoughts again, and he looked towards the ocean wondering what wonderful insanity awaited. This time though, he saw a splash. A dolphin? A shark? Really, as a landlubber, he didn't know with any kind of certainty. He did not venture out into the water again in case it was the last possibility, unless he was missing one more rational like ghost pirates. He just started to dry. He saw nothing so he didn't go out like last time, so he started down the beach looking around for any sort of debris or signs of life to get his mind off of whatever made him think something swam just out of eye shot. All he needed would to be on the island of cannibals. At that thought he froze, that feeling of being watched crept in again. Not from the jungle, but from the ocean. Now with what he hoped were his wits about him, he just kept walking to not spook whatever observed him. He tried not to slow his pace, then suddenly pivoted to face the sea. He caught a glimpse of unmistakable human head peering out above the water before it dipped under the sea in fright.
An experimental piece a bit different from my usual fare, a bit of mystery and imagery. Might could use some more imagery. This was inspired by something me and :icongabrielraven: thought of but I ran with it.
Claire came to the old abandoned circus ground on a dare, curse the Truth or Dare trap and its blackmail. She knew the emails from her secret crush were too good to be true, and what was once the highlight of her day became embarrassing ammunition against her. The tormentors hid behind the anonymity of the internet but she had a good idea who they were. Regardless, she approached what seemed to be a typical red and white circus tent that was torn in places and the colors had long faded. Claire reminded herself of the deal, they'd leave her alone if she got something unmistakably authentic from it.

There were no keep out signs or perimeter around the circus, so she explored the big top cautiously with her flashlight. After a bit of wandering, she saw something strange on a dusty shelf. Claire picked it up and a single exhale blew off the scant dust. It was a clown nose. Her fingers squished it, and maybe it was the way her flashlight shined on it but it had some kind of ethereal glow. "Huh, it looks fine. Weird…”

She felt this inkling to put it on, but she pushed aside the silly thought to keep exploring. The nose was good, but they could claim she bought it at a costume store. Eventually, she found the big top’s center ring where performers would put on the show. She remembered once when she was little she went to circus, and she could imagine this place before it got run down. She put it in her pocket and explored the ring and saw several other objects similarly unaffected by time such as a cotton candy machine, a top hat like a ringmaster would wear, and a rack of clothes full of costumes.

Eventually, she stood in the center of the ring. She almost felt the buzz of the crowd that wasn't there, that waited for her to perform. There were also metal hoops near her that are a bit too shiny all of the dust around her considered. She pocketed the nose so she could pick the hoops up, and play around with them.

At first she was clumsy, but then she picked up on how to not hit her head. She felt happy. She was happy to perform and entertain others, even if they weren't there. Suddenly, her pocket buzzed. She remembered the clown nose. She took it back out feeling an urge to wear it again. It's almost as if she felt she had to wear it. Otherwise, the audience would be disappointed.

Claire wondered if she was going crazy as she placed it over her own nose. However, a rush of energy spreads from her nose, a rapid sensation tingled her skin. She tried to take it off but she would have an easier time tugging off her own ear it was like it glued itself to her face! She decided to stop and felt compelled to resume her performance with the hoops with more and more proficiency. Her skin changes to white and everything else from her hair to her clothes exploded with color. Large gloves covered her hands and emphasized her more cartoonish appearance.

She was soon a clown that performed to a circus with more and more life. It was as if a veil lifted and she entered another world where the circus did not decay.  The air filled with musicthat sounded like an organ that sounded suspiciously like Cindi Lauper’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun. (…)

None of this distracted her from her hoop tossing though. She twirled them on her arms and juggled them like a pro. She realized when she concluded her routine she performed for an audience of one. A young blue haired clown girl sat in the audience admiring the performance and patiently waited for its conclusion. Claire finished and felt like someone was really looking at her, she glanced over towards the person. The person clapped for her. Claire bowed, "Thank you!"

The stranger came closer into the light to reveal that she too is a clown. She had an aura of wisdom in addition to the playful demeanor. "I am Sasha Smiles, I see you like being a clown"

Claire nodded while she tossed the rings into the air and caught all of them in one hand. "Yes, it's quite fun!"

Sasha's smile broadened, "Would you like to be one forever?"

Claire considered it seriously. On one hand, her time as a clown was fun. On the other hand, she just recently became a clown. Would she like to be a clown?

Sasha leaned in with a tempting smile. “It'll be lots of fun.”

Claire hesitated and claspsed her hands in front of her as she considered what that meant for her, “As in forever ever?”

"Of course.” Sasha replied.

Claire mulled over it some more. “mmmm I do like fun...”

Sasha snickered. “Of course you do. You're a clown~”

Claire nods and giggled. “So are you!”

Sasha shifted her weight form one foot to the other and leaned in, “True!” Sasha extended her hand, “So, clown forever?”

Claire shook the other clown’s gloved hand with both of her own, “Sure!”

Sasha shook hands with her. “Now, in order to make it permanent, you gotta kiss me~”

Claire kissed her and Sasha kissed back. Claire’s mind drained of all thoughts that did not make smiles. Once Sasha broke the kiss, she embraced her new clown. Claire embraced her back.

Sasha pulled back some so she they could meet eye to eye. “So, now that you're with us, wanna come join my circus?”

Claire nodded. “Yes!”

“Good~ Come with me!” Sasha leads her to a door that leads to another place that looks like the same circus only alive and well.

Claire gawkedas she stepped forward and admired he place. “Wow this place is amazing!”

Sasha placed her arms behind her back and skipped in front of Claire. She shot the new clown a sly glaze, “Sure is. And it's also your new home!”

Claire stretched out her arms high in joy, “Yay!”

Sasha sashayed blissfully, “Oh I can’t wait to get another circus together it’ll be simply lovely! Oh, and by the way, I was curious do you know anyone else who would like to be.”

Claire beamed, “I know a few~”
Sasha's new circus!
This is a collaboration between myself and TF-Circus. Check out their work if you clown transformation interests you at all the gallery is full of it! ^^ It's the first part in a little series we have cooking. I've always wanted to play with a circusy setting as it's a good place for tf stories. Not all will be clown tfs, we have ideas for several different ones! Some chapters might have several tfs, we just wanted to introduce the concept with this one.
Arin and Mela relaxed as they enjoyed a sandwich on the restaurant patio at the town square in the college town. The table umbrella over their head kept the summer heat at bay. Arin wore a bright red tube top and Daisy Duke jeans. She wore a bandana over her head to cover the tips of her pointed ears. Mela herself wore a flowery blouse and khaki shorts.

Mela's eyes flashed with an idea. "Arin lets go to the pool!"

Arin sat back and mused. She brightened at a brilliant idea. "We’ve been there before. Why don't we go to the beach?"

Mela gasped at the thought. "I'll burn like a poptart in the microwave!"

"Well, I am genie after all," Arin replied and gave her a playful wink, "What good would I be if I couldn't take you to the beach?"

Mela rubbed her right arm and cast her glance downward. "True. Well, in that case..."

"Are you nervous?" Arin asked concerned.

"A little, more excited though." Mela confessed her lips drawn into a small smile.

Arin grinned as well. "Don't worry, Owen and me will be there. You have nothing to fear."

Mela nodded shyly. "Okay."

"Don't worry, we'll have fun." Arin reassured her. "You haven't lived until you’ve felt the sand between your toes and the water around you. It's something cool to experience."

"Wait… but how-" Mela started.

Arin laughed and motioned towards herself. "Genie!"

Mela joined her in laughter. "True. Sometimes I forget."

Suddenly, a brunette guy with moppy hair and a beard came up behind Mela and covering her eyes. Arin gasped and put her hand under the table channeling magic to it ready to fire it at the stranger in a rock t-shirt and tattoos if he did anything to Mela.

"Kevin!" Mela giggled, "Took you long enough!"

He smiled and sat by her. "I'm sorry Mela, homework held me up."

Arin raised an eyebrow suspiciously but dispelled her magic. "Taking summer classes?"

"Of course," He answered like it was a joke, "It is summer after all."

Mela kisses his cheek, "Arin, this is Kevin. He was in my communications class. He was so helpful!"

Arin nodded in acknowledgement, "Charmed."

Kevin reached out his hand. "Pleasure to meet you. Mela says so much about you, in several different languages!"

Arin reached out hers and shook it. It could have been the surprise or memories of being manipulated, but she immediately did not trust him. Maybe she overreacted distrusting him at first glance, but she wanted him to prove himself first.

Mela blushed  cheeks as red as an apple "Hey, Kevin, we are going-"

Arin crossed her arms and legs. "Shopping, we were talking about going clothes shopping."

"But..." Mela stammered confused, "Well, can't Kevin come along?"

Arin shrugged and stood. "Sure."

Arin crumbled her and Mela's trash and threw it away. The three then went into the local shopping center. Arin remained mostly quiet while Mela and Kevin conversed and laughed, and Mela was clearly smitten by him. Arin spent most of the trip lost in thought. Kevin did seem alright, cool even for lack of a better word. Asides from that awkwardness, Arin  wondered if she was looking for demons in heaven. Maybe she was mad that Mela kept such a large secret. Maybe she was jealous that Mela had a boyfriend. If her hunches about him being bad news were wrong, then she would look foolish. Her experience with Ben taught her otherwise though, the more smitten you are with a person the more cautious you should be. She tried not to coddle Mela, but she viewed herself as responsible for her. If this Kevin did anything to hurt her, Arin would not take it well.

Arin waved to the two. "I need to go, I'll see you later Mela."

Mela nodded and waved back, "See you! Can't wait for later!"

Arin smiled and left the building a frown returned. "I can't either."


Relief washed over Arin since beach time arrived. She magically swapped her clothes with her swim suit. The fiery two piece was not too far off from her harem clothes. She relished letting her pointed ears free. Sometimes their cover was stifling.

She went out to the living room to see Mela watch Netflix on the couch. She still worked to catch up on pop culture and sometimes reminded Arin of a teenager that strove to learn everything about the present to look cool with her peers. That was fine and dandy, but Arin also wanted to take her outside and help her live.

She was watching something with beaches. She had her own swimsuit on, a white one piece suit with a bitten red apple over her belly.

Arin crouched behind her and saw she watched. "You tell Owen?"

"Yup!" She replied. "He'll be over in a minute. He's bringing snacks."

Arin nodded and stood up. "I'll go first and scout it out, then come back and get you guys. You look cute Mela."

Mela blushed and mumbled bashfully. "… thanks..."

Arin giggled, delighted to tease Mela. She really wanted to build up her confidence.

She took out her phone and opened the internet. She found a deserted island in the Caribbean that no celebrities  owned. She found a random one and used her power to teleport to it in a flash of orange.

Arin reappeared on white sand beaches with clear waters with no human presence. Reinvigorated after she stretched her magic muscles, Arin enjoyed her moment alone to think. She created several beach towels arranged around an umbrella. She rubbed her chin thinking of more she could do, but decided to leave it for now. She had plenty to drink back at the room if Owen brings the food.

Arin teleported back into the room. Owen jumped startled while Mela, beyond used to it, nodded her head towards her genie roommate. Owen had a Legend of Zelda t-shirt that had the Song of Storms inscribed on it and the phrase "Make It Rain" and Darth Vader swim trunks. He pulled a portable cooler with him.

Arin smiled, "I got the beach ready. I can bring drinks if that's all food."

Owen beamed and patted his bag. "Alright. I got chips, sandwiches, guacamole. Lots of good stuff."

Arin nodded in agreement, "Good stuff indeed. Ready to go?"

Owen grimaced at the notion. "Do we have to teleport?"

"Would you rather walk?" Arin prodded

"It's just I'm not used to teleporting yet." He admitted sheepishly.

Arin smirked. "I'll go extra slow for you."

Owen gave a weak smile as he caught the joke."Can you even do that? This isn't like driving a car you know?"

Mela could barely contain her anticipation. "Let's just go okay!"

Arin laughed and teleported them to the beach, making sure to not jolt Owen suddenly. Arin felt like Willy Wonka as Mela saw the beach for the first time. Arin could see Mela's senses overload. It is rare to see every promise fulfilled, but Arin got to enjoy the sight. Mela ran to the beach and Owen ran after her. She just down in the surf chilled at first; then relaxed to let the waves hit her.

Arin took the cooler left behind over to the towels. She poofed sunscreen into Owen's hands, and then she laid down and winked. “Go on, help her with the sunscreen.”

Owen’s eyes brightened and he fumbled with his phone to get music on. Owen could not get a signal on his phone to stream music, but he did have hours of music saved on it. While not all of it was beach themed such as the entire Lord of the Rings movie soundtrack, it was relaxing to listen to.

When Owen left to meet Mela in the surf, Arin used her arms to pillow her head alone with her thoughts. She relaxed for the first the first time since her mission with Ashta at Carneval. She told no one what happened that day. He decisions she made. Nothing too bad, but she didn’t feel comfortable telling Mela or Owen. She did not want to talk about transformation magic with fear of an existential crisis with Mela. Owen was a more likely candidate, but would she scare him talking about the things that she transformed people.  Even if it was a bad guy who probably deserved it, she oculd just hear the lecture about how morally wrong it was to change people’s forms.

Really, all she wanted now was a nap. She emptied her thoughts and curled up to take a nap to the sound of soothing Howard Shore music and her human friends playing in the water.
Arin the Genie Chapter 8
Hey more Arin! After the Carneval action, I figured I'd slow it down for a bit to summer beach bumming which I am a big fan of. I have realized I could do a better job characterizing Arin so I will do a bit more of that. Stay tuned for more soon.
I had an idea for a little vignette for DRD for fun, anyone interested? 
In the height of summer, Conrad and Jana pooled their resources and rented a car. They went on a trip to the beaches of Lübeck armed with enough clothes and food for a week. They traveled from Switzerland to the beaches on the Baltic Sea via the Autobahn. They alternated behind the wheel on the ten hour drive. While Jana drove the Autobahn, she had the strange feeling that she was here before. She shook her head knowing that was wrong since she she could not remember doing so.

"What's wrong, Schnucki?" Conrad asked his girlfriend.

Jana blinked and rubbed her head to clear her mind, "Nothing, just some déjà-vu"

Conrad, now curious, pressed the question gently. "Have you been here before?"

Jana cut it off though not wanting to think of it anymore. “No, I haven't been out of Switzerland."

Conrad grew more concerned than curious. "Maybe you're just tired. Shall I take over the wheel?"

She nodded, "Yeah not a bad idea. Maybe I just need a drink and something to munch on."

Conrad pointed at a sign that said there was a gas station a few kilometers away, "Ok, get off at the next gas station. I could need a break too."

Jana stopped at it, they filled up, and swapped positions. Once they returned to the Autobahn, she grew bored of the radio and decided to talk about the history of Lübeck. Jana started things off, “When you said you wanted to go there I did some Googling. It’s apparently big on Backsteingotic Brick Gothic architecture.”

“Yes, they have several buildings that are mostly brick.” Conrad confirmed.

Jana sighed as she mulled over the weight of the age of buildings in Europe compared to those in North America. Sure, there were plenty of things before European arrival, but most of what remained was after that such as St. Augustine or Jamestown and they were barely half the age of places in Europe. She knew America had its own unique architecture but the brick buildings surely would be a visual treat.

Jana went on, “And, I hate to bring it up but it’d be wrong to ignore it, a lot of things happened there during World War II like many towns in Germany.”

Conrad nodded excited to give more detail. “Lübeck remained an independent nation until the foundation of the 2nd German Empire in 1871. The 2nd Empire was a federation with Lübeck as one of its member states. Also during the Weimar Republic, Lübeck remained only a member states with particular rights.”

Jana listened captivated. “Wow, I’ve never knew all that, that’s amazing.”

Conrad continued with personal interest. “When Hitler seized power in 1933, he disbanded all member states and reorganized them in to “Gauen”, which were mere administrative districts. That meant, all their independent rights were gone and Germany was transformed into a centralized State, ruled from Berlin by Hitler himself. All mayors were replaced by Nazi-Mayors, without elections of course and all positions in the administration of towns and cities were replaced by Nazis. This process was called ‘Gleichschaltung’.”

Jana rolled her eyes, “Sounds typical, sorry for going here again just I think it does an injustice to not talk about these things.”

Conrad nodded in agreement, “During the war, the town suffered heavy destruction from aerial bombing, especially in the city center. They restored everything they could.”

They reached a small village north of Lübeck that night, got a bite to eat, and they found the small house they rented. Jana started to unload her bags, but Conrad insisted to get all the bags himself. It was a quaint, one bed one bath and half kitchen cottage decorated with lovely portraits and sea shells. Jana inspected it and noted it was quite clean. It felt quite good to put away her maid frills for a week and not worry about cleaning up after apathetic hotel patrons. The exhausted pair plugged in their phone chargers happy to turn off their alarms. They then changed into their sleepwear and crashed into the bed unceremoniously. They fell asleep instantly.

Jana woke up the next day to Conrad’s gentle snoring. She giggled softly and eased out of bed. She cooked some breakfast for them. The smell roused Conrad, and the two enjoyed a pleasant breakfast. They discussed the best sites around Lübeck; then got dressed for a lot of walking. They drove to Lübeck and toured the town on foot during the lovely day. They visited the old city center with St. Marien, the Cathedral of Lübeck, the city hall, the famous Holstentor (Holstein Gate) and many old patrician buildings, including the birthplace of famous novelist Thomas Mann. Now nice and sweaty, Conrad and Jana returned to their cottage to change into their beach wear.

Conrad came out with a white t-shirt and navy blue swim trunks. Jana had to remind herself to shut her jaw after witnessing the sight. He smiled then took the bag of beach supplies and her hand. The two walked out to the beach. It was just as she remembered it from the past. The sun bathed them with summer warmth. She enjoyed the sand between her toes and the sea air brushing her hair. Sure, the beach sat on another continent but still a beach is a beach. Jana and Conrad settled onto their slice of heaven. Under the clear blue sky, Jana laid out their blanket and Conrad set down their bag. “This is lovely!”

She sat on the towel and basked in the sun like she was cold blooded. It felt good to be out in the sun with nothing to worry about. Conrad took out his phone and pulled up beside her. The two posed for a postcard perfect selfie together. Jana took out sunscreen and started to apply it on her arms. Conrad hid his phone in the towel bag and took off his shirt.

Conrad pulled off his t-shirt and exposed his sculpted chest. Jana could not help but spy at him and think. ‘Conrad’s so handsome and he's my boy friend! I can’t believe how  lucky I am.’

Conrad caught her and winked. ”Have you ever been to the beach before?”

It took Jana a moment to break the stare. Her face burned from embarrassment more than the sun, “Yes, many times, but never outside the U.S.”

She extended the bottle of sunscreen to him. “Would you please get my back Conrad?”

Conrad rubbed the sunscreen on her back much to Jana’s delight. His strong hands caressed her back gently. Jana relaxed and gave him free reign weak under his touch. He massaged her shoulders and rubbed her side making sure it soaked in.

His grip tightened slightly “When we go back to Switzerland, my parents invited me to their house. Would you like to come with me?”

Jana nodded excitedly. “I’d love to. That would be fun!”

A weight lifted off of Jana’s shoulders as Conrad eased his grip. “Great, they’ve been asking about you”

Jana rubbed his chest nervousness crept into her voice, “Good or bad?”

Conrad laughed and rubbed her side, “Good, all good Schnucki.”

Jana paced her hands on his. “Do worry about it, it’ll be fine.”

Conrad let out a reassured sigh and pulled her closer holding up the sunscreen. “It will, I’m sure it will. Want to get me?”

Jana’s eyes lit up “Sure!”

She returned the favor and lathered up Conrad slowly and gently. Her hands rose from his waistline to his neck. She caressed his neck deeply then glomped him from behind. She leaned around his head and kissed his lips. He gripped her arms and returend the kiss. Jana pulled back. “Thanks for going with me Conrad, I wanted to do this so bad but I wasn’t sure if..."

Conrad silenced her with a kiss, “Our vacation has only started. Let’s enjoy it to its fullest!”

Jana nodded and cuddled with him their heads rubbing together affectionately. “Yes, let’s!”
Jana and Conrad Summer Vacation
A story to accompany the pic from :iconhippo2:. I wanted to write an affectionate little story with these two, forward the story a little for the interested. 


A word is worth 1000 pictures
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I had an idea for a little vignette for DRD for fun, anyone interested? 

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