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Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? Review

This is an episode I have been waiting for awhile now.  Luna becomes a Blade Runner!

Sadly no, but I must say I go into this episode my back breaking from baggage. If I had to pick a favorite character in MLP, it'd be Princess Luna. I was excited to hear she was coming out of the box in Season 5. We haven't had a Luna centric episode since Season 2. I am happy the show has used her scarcely (save for Canterlot Wedding which her cameo made me livid as a donut in a vegan store.) I am not a certified member of the New Lunar Republic (though I watch the group on DA for episode links), but I have a Luna Is Best Princess shirt. Luna Eclipsed is my favorite episode because of 'demmmmmmmmmm feels! Luna had her soul crushed because of her past sins leaving her in a sense of hopelessness that she could never bridge the gap that she herself created. No wonder she has a hero complex and constantly works to prove herself.

However! I do not want that bias to blind me from critiquing the episode if necessary. It does mean I will probably overlook faults in it. I seek entertainment in this show before deconstructive critiquing.  If I enjoy the episode regardless of continuity or content I find it a worthy entry. Otherwise, why watch anything? I certainly don't go out of my way to torture myself with something I don't like unless I lose a bet. Now I'm rambling.

We start off the episode pretty strong though slightly cliché with Luna becoming Nightmare Moon (NMM) again apparently returning thanks to something called the Tantabus. I just say cliché because the constant revisiting to the Nightmare Moon change and lack of something else for Luna to do. It's an understandable fear and the animation was awesome but does this nightmare play every night of the past year or so the same way or no? It can't because the SUPER CUTIE SAYIANS is new.

I digress because I take a slight issue with the scene because becoming NMM again isn’t the root of Luna’s fear. Her true fear is seeing others hurt and knowing its her fault.How about this for an alternative?

The ceiling collapses as Luna falls through it. She rises from the rubble slowly and takes a quick glance around panting from exhaustion. She recognized this place as the old Castle of Two Sisters, and she recognized the shadow over her. Once, it was her reflection. The slitted eyes of Nightmare Moon stared down at Luna with guile. Luna gasped in terror at the sight of her sister’s crown underneath her enemy’s hoof.

Nightmare Moon let out a spine chilling laugh, “Fool, you cannot defeat me nor could your pathetic sister. Equestria will be mine!”

Tears come to Luna’s face, “No! Not if I have anything to say about it!”

She fires a mighty blast, and Nightmare Moon fires her own. Dust and rubble flies back from the power of the impact. However, Luna was too weak to stand against Nightmare Moon for long. She is blasted backwards in defeat. Nightmare Moon crushes Celestia’s crown in triumph. “Pathetic. Soon, the world will know eternal night!”

Just then, when all hope had faded, the Mane Six arrives and takes on their super friendship forms, and seems to vanquish the threat. However, a sliver of Nightmare Moon escapes from the dream. The heroes group hug then Luna awakes realizing her happy dream would end Equestria. Either way, Luna wakes up startled as we are by the display. Let me take a moment to say I do like the design of Luna's room. I find it funny she too dresses in her full regalia, probably too tired to change after a hard night work I guess, but leaving the boots on? That’s still a bit… is it too much to ask to see Luna or any of the princesses without clothes… aaand I just now realized how that sounds. Moving on, she has the cutest little slippers. Luna seems a little old for a nightlight though.

One intro later, I am surprised that Rarity let her friends and their dirty pets in her boutique. Can't Twilight spare the room or Fluttershy? Twilight sure is getting used to sleepless nights lately. Well, she always seems to be pretty familiar with them with the studying and MONITERING EVERYTHING. Is there such thing as a tired Pinkie or is she one of those two speeds type ponies- dead stop or full blast! They realize they all had a shared Nightmare and Twilight has Spike send a letter to Luna, and it’s the first Spike fire mail in some time. I bet he put in all the yawns. Luna rushes to… wait how did she know where they were at that time? Does Twilight have a tracking chip in her wing the other Princesses can see? We get some exposition on the Tantabus though it leaves out the important details. Ha, there is nothing Celestia can do in the realm of dreams. Why doesn't that surprise me?

I love Luna's resolve to find the Tantabus herself. You know that she is probably going to fail since we have a dozen or so minutes to fill, but it foreshadows the coming conflict very nicely. Hardly the one to wallow in weak and helplessness, Luna will gladly shoulder burdens to solve conflicts she caused instead of deferring them to others.

And we get a massive dream link, *cue Inception music the dream is collapsing* so many Inception jokes to be made. Share your favorite in the comments! And If I see any I must be dreaming. Anywho, Luna goes to each dream in turn chasing the Tantabus as it perverts the Mane Six's dreams. Go get ‘em Luna! It's interesting too to rewatch and notice the foreshadowing that the Tantabus grows when Luna guilt trips her.

Really, all the Tantabus seems to do is make things into monster version of itself. On the other hand, each dream though is unique and stood out in its own way. I was surprised to see Rarity fight; then she redeemed herself with lamenting the destruction of dresses. Pinkie was funny with postcard tour of Equestria. No teases to new places, but still fitting her personality. Fluttershy… dreams that she is Angel's pet? That's rather interesting, and then the Tantabus makes Angel reveal his true form. I knew it! Also, more foreshadowing that Luna’s blind pursuit against the Tantabus keeps her from actually helping the Mane Six as she leaves them alone to fight impossible odds. Ha, AJ's apple worship, I wish she opened up the Church of Apple Latter Day Saints. Sadly, no such luck as she revisits Bats and hte Tantabus destroys all of her apples. At least it didn't make all of the apples evil or something or the trees attack her like the ones from Wizard of Oz. AJ migh be scarred for life.

Then HOLY CRAP ! Rainbow fighting Changelings, let’s stay here a bit more since it’s been awhile since we've seen changelings in action to such a degree. And then… Rainbow's nightmare… This Dream is just perfect, the kind of hell straight from Teletubbies! And it makes her go into the fetal position. I feel you Rainbow. Finally, Twilight gets to be the Pagemaster. We end on Pinkie infecting everyone in town. Wow, great job Pinkie, God only knows what we'd be without you.

Luna has no choice but to make a mass collective dream! Cool! And we see Mayor Mare for the first time in forever too! Next have some good ol’ fashioned pandering with Berry Punch, the resident cloppers Lyra and Bon Bon go Cat-Dog on us, and Derpy and the Doctor ItDoesn'tMatterWho both make an appearance. And Big Macicorn? Huh, nice. I bet that Luna wishes Twilight shouldered some of the burden, but the redemption complex strikes again. The tantabus strikes to ruin all the fun with scary monster houses! And Filthy Rich returns? Huh, never missed him but who am I to complain, same with Flutterbat. Wait, why Filthy Rich in someone else’s house? That isn’t his house. It raises too many questions with uncomfortable answers. Quick, distract with Triffids and callbacks are real.

Then, oh and then, we get the thing that this episode will be remembered for forever. Something some people literally dreamed of and others didn’t know that they wanted. Princess? Prince? Well Alicorn Big Mac fabulously changing Sailor Moon style. The only thing missing is "In the name of the Moon I finish you Eeyup!" I would say he better be happy that Cheerilee didn't see him like that, but then again my diluted adult mind reminds me she’d probably like it. Does this make Cheerilee Tuxedo Mask? Missed opportunity is missed opportunity. AJ's face is priceless as her image of BM is shattered forever. Go get ‘em Princess Big Mac!

So Spike dreams bigger too and summons a Street Sweeper Grenade Launcher… I mean goes into his dream image of himself and YAY Spike does a thing! Same for Ponyville it’s cool to see them get in on the action for once. Although, I don’t know why Filthy Rich of all ponies get the spotlight but literally using the power of money would make Scrooge McDuck proud. Scootaloo does a thing too! Then we get a Power Ponies call back? Never thought I’d see that again. Twilight also dreams back up her old library to unleash book minions, man that's gotta burn her at least a little. Fluttershy uses Angel's passive aggressiveness in her favor for once as well. While this scene is fun, it does bring to mind that if they can literally do anything in the dream-world why don't the Mane Six try to unleash the full range of the visible spectrum on the sucker? I wouldn't say anything if they tried it and it didn't work.

Either way they soon realize as the Tantabus grows bigger and stronger it is tied to Luna's guilt. You know, now that I think about it at least from the G rated version we see Equestria doesn't suffer that much from what we see. Celestia beats Luna nearly immediately and upon her return she has power for like twenty minutes. I digress though as the Mane Six and Andriod 16 help Luna to pull an Elsa and let it go. Go get yourself Luna! She does and reabsorbs the Tantabus back to herself which again makes sense. Luna dissolves the massive collective dream and gets some well earned rest.

My overall thoughts?

The insight that Luna traps herself in a personal nightmare as a sort of self mutilation for penitence is an interesting idea and does sort of explain her change in demeanor from Luna Ecplised. She changed from a bombastic theatrical pony who just wanted people to not wet their pants when they saw her to a more subdued theatrical pony who seeks to help others in their dreams.  I like how they don't specify when she made the Tantabus because it gives us fans some room to theorize. One could argue that after Luna Eclipsed with the constant reminder of her guilt lingering still she accepted the love of Tantabus into her heart.

When Luna cried in this episode, I like how it seems to me she was crying for many reasons: self pity, guilt, and unbearable strain. You see, I have a theory that I am amazed that ponies have so far not disproved to my knowledge. With Equestrian magic nearly anything conceivable is possible, so it comes to an individual’s knowledge, focus, and capacity or K.F.C. if you will. A pony needs the knowledge of a spell, the focus to cast it, and the capacity to maintain it. Luna's massive dream that incorporated all of Ponyville for several minutes had to cause unbelievable strain on herself not to mention she may have felt either the blows on the Tantabus or each time it broke her barrier. It's easily one of the most impressive displays of power from a reoccurring character. This combined with the guilt attacking her focus had to cause Luna more strain than anything she has done since her return. I find that truly spectacular, same with the Mane Six and Ponyville uniting against a common enemy revisiting the theme of season 5 with other characters helping to resolve problems not just the Mane Six.

I don't like to belittle Luna in Luna Eclipsed but it’s one of my favorite episodes because it made me feel for Luna and her struggle for identity and acceptance. Few characters in this show have similar doubts about themselves. Twilight Sparkle doubts herself, but she didn’t commit treason (mostly). Luna's lone wolf attitude fits as well. She seems to have trouble speaking for herself and asking for help. A lot of people have criticized Celestia for not noticing Luna's problems, but Luna also shows that she is not vocal about them. She would rather fight her own battles with both confidence in herself and the desire to keep other from being hurt even if it is folly. It was nice character development for her for her to truly forgive herself and cleanse her soul of these dark-side thoughts. There are many problems that sheer force of arms cannot stop. We can be our own worst enemies regardless of our good intentions. These are good lessons to learn and I love how the episode does not end with a silly lesson of the day epilogue, it just ends with Luna having a peaceful sleep for what is implied the first time in countless nights.
Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? Review
I promise I'm working on stories, but I had a lot of those on this episode I wanted to share.

I won't do these MLP reviews often, only if an episode gives me strong thoughts. Season 5 has been pretty strong so far, here's to hoping they can keep it up. 
Warning, if you don’t care about ponies or if you do and don’t want spoilers don’t read this.
That means you :iconmikaandkuri:

MLPFIM's 100th episode

Slice of Life

Never thought I’d see this when I started the show way back with Season 2 and Discord. Not only did MLP:FIM reach 100 episodes but that it actually acknowledges its own fans for better or for worse. Way back in season 2/season 3 I did reviews and posted them on a Zelda forum. I thought of returning, but didn’t for season 4. Now that I’ve watched this episode and partially encouraged by :iconmikaandkuri:’s watching the series for the first time and writing reviews on it, I’ve decided it’s time to drudge this old skeleton out of the closet like season 5 brings old characters back from the abyss for years old pay offs. Also, there was a 2 week delay between the last episode and this one. I feel a little strongly about this. It made me want to start ax murdering passerbys from the lack of my weekly dose of ponies. I settled for slaughter in Pay Day 2 and Empire: Total War Darthmod. Anyways, The big thing about this episode is that it stars background characters that the fandom has blown so out of proportions it has become a show within a show. This is easily the episode’s greatest strength, but also it’s greatest weakness. Why is that? Well, let’s break it down to the GOOD, the BAD, and the RANDOM.

1.) For starters the things this episode does that doesn’t make me want to drink mercury.  

- The framing device for the episode was good for this type of episode and it is soooo much better executed than Just for Sidekicks . Instead of giving us a horrible Charlie Foxtrot, they used a few ponies to frame the stories. Namely, Doctor Whooves, Derpy, Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, and…. Lyra and Bon Bon. Uhuh, I’ll get to those last two later. And we have the stars of the show, the ones we haven’t seen in forever, the overdramatic mares that go “The Horror! THE HORROR!” There is also some good comedy with Luna (BEST PRINCESS!) and Celestia as well as a cute “d’aw” moment with them too. Then there is more emasculation of Shining Armor to the point he has to be some kind of eunuch by now. Well, I could just say he has a sensitive soul which explains how he roped Cadence, but poor guy needs some shots of testosterone.

- Most of the characters felt believable, like we were getting a slice of their life (ha) in a town where monster attacks and destroys half the town during a wedding. You know, Tuesdays. Yeah Applebloom you better hope it's not a friendship problem last I recall you experienced that Lesson Zero. Of these groups, I liked Octavia and Vinyl Scratch the best. Their house would make Two- Face feel at home, they drive the plot the most, and their song they make (that I can’t recall them actually playing at the wedding) was awesome! Time to convert that to MP3 off Youtube!

- The voices: 99% of the voices are spot on perfect. PRAISE CELESTIA! They finally, finally have found a Derpy voice that sounds, well, derpy and not like someone who needs some kind of institutionalization! There is hope for MLP!


Doctor Whooves, the walking and talking reference machine that all of the hipsters will get, sounds that magically British that you see in stuff like Mary Poppins and other kids shows but can never seem to find British people who sound like that in real life. Octavia’s voice is as musical as the songs she plays. And then there’s Vinyl Scratch who they do the best thing with. She doesn’t talk at all! She just makes me wonder why Doctor Whooves lives alone tinkering with stuff that steampunkers will build while she has FREAKING BASS POWERED CAR THAT PROBABLY IS EQUIPPED WITH A BASS CANNON!

*Face melts from the awesome*

But seriously, the fact that she doesn’t talk is not only funny, it’s good for my sanity because every time I think of her talking all I hear is “WUBA DUB DUB MUTHAFKERS!”
What about that 1%.... well…

2.) Things that make me want to stand in front of a mirror and cry  

The award for voice that makes me stare at the mirror and cry- Steven Magnus. See, it’s not that it’s horrifically stereotypical flaming but the fact that’s the joke. Hahaha he sounds like a stereotypical gay person laugh at how he talks he thinks he's people. I read a nice article once where media needs to drop some stereotypes as jokes like the sassy black women, hopelessly unsexy nerds, and being gay is the punch line. Like Chris Rock says, “That’s just mean!” Jumping off the soap box now.

- Removing the Mane Six works, but I do wonder why Rarity is there fighting. And her combat experience is…? Also, wouldn’t Fluttershy try to defend or reason with the Bug Bear like she did with the Manticore? Also wouldn’t removing the bear from town help prevent collateral damage?

- Big Lebowski pony never says dude. He says man. This makes no sense in this context and Dude would have been more appropriate.

- Okay, so I beat around the bush enough, why did I say that this episode’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness? Surely this is the best episode ever conceived in all of fiction and it will be a fan favorite right? Well, if you follow the fandom yes. What do I mean? The problem lies in one word- context. This is a DVD side feature masquerading as an episode. Imagine you have no internet, or are this shows target audience, or you don’t go to cons and see that Derpy and Doctor Whooves shirts sell more than Mane Six ones. Imagine you have never ever heard of Doctor Whooves, Derpy, Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, or any of ‘em. Heck, they don’t even say Derpy Octavia, or Vinyl Scratch’s name. So I ask you, if you are not a part of the fandom that the show is acknowledging or even worse 20 years from now someone tries to show their friend MLP:FIM, this episode will make literally no sense. These characters are not even secondary characters, they are more along the lines of tertiary characters. The episode barely explains anything about these characters within the episode, and even worse, more than likely the spotlight is going to be off these characters maybe indefinitely now that the fans are placated. I don’t think the good Doctor or Derpy  will play a role in a plot for the rest of the season, maybe not even the rest of the show. So, fans within the fandom, can you explain all of the ponies within the episode to the people who missed the fandom bandwagon? Yeah sure you can explain Derpy or Vinyl Scratch or Doctor Whooves, but what about Berry whatever her faces is? I don't even know who she is! XD

EDIT: I've heard that this episode is suppose to be a parody joke. Thing is though, if that's the case, why acknowledge it as something more at the end? Like a thank you to the fans? I've seen cartoons do random things and sometimes acknowledge fan fantasies but that's all they were they weren't some kind of meta-thank you. Again, if this a joke, what if I don't get it? Even parodies can be taken at face value. No joke is fun if it needs to be explained.

3.) Finally, so we don’t end on a bad note, the random! Things that made me feel like I dropped so much LSD.

- Lyra and Bon Bon… not only their “We know each other sooooooo well” dialogue make me want to quote Animaniacs “Goodnight everybody!” but also the reveal that Bon Bon was a… monster hunter secret agent? All these squares made a circle.
All these squares made a circle. All these squares made a circle. That makes as much sense. While mildly amusing because of the set up that they know each other so well, from a story stand point Bon Bon’s reveal is completely inconsequential in the plot of the episode and they just make up immediately so the conflict is negligible. Yeah the writers respect fandom but not enough to have the subplots spill over into other episodes. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted kiddies.

- *gets on top hat, glasses, and sips tea* Well said Gummy, I concur. The idea that these are the introspection of Gummy all of the time might be the funniest thing ever in the history of ever.

- Mayor Mare has the power to wed people? Holy Maretrimony? Is this yet another sign of Equestria as a oppressive Matriarchy? The signs are there people! Don’t believe the cover up! Free the stallions of Equestria!

MLP FIM Episode 100 Slice of Life Review
I really wanted to put this out there. Will I do more? Maybe we'll see. This episode didn't make me angry it just made me think about things and I had to let those thoughts out. Will I do more? Depends. 

Am I a brony. People have called me that, I don't consider myself that as if there is some way to measure it. I just like the dang show which appearently you can't do without being called a brony I guess if the reactions of people I know are any indication. That's a conversation for another day.
Are transgender transformation stories offensive to actual transgender people?

I haven't found any literature on it and I don't know if anyone can or will volunteer insight I was just curious because I like to know these things. 
For your pleasure, some accompanying music recommendations.
Power Hungry Fool- fight scenes
Music box- Simple and Clean (Music box version) for me, but feel free to use your own
Infinite infinity: Mass Effect 2 - Galaxy Map Theme/Metroid Prime Music- Phendrana Drifts

And now, without further ado, years in the making, the final chapter of DRDs!

Trixie sat upon her throne looking down at the two British school-child style toys Dum and Dee tapping her wand on her throne’s armrest.  Although, calling throne put it grandly as it doubled as a recliner since she removed the beds. Her steadfast knight Dame… WhateverHerNameIs stood at attention though made it more regal as a throne ornament.
The blue fairy altered her outfit overtime. Her clothes became less college coed and more popstar unitard with elbow gloves and high heel boots. Her pixie ears and pixel wings remained intact and sparkling as ever. Her cheeks now had a streak of blue blush applied and her hair had matching tips. Her wings became a flowing pixel gossamer styled cape that appeared like stitched nano-machines that adjusted shifted against solid materials shifting around adding and reducing as it needed to instead of just bending.
Trixie stared down unamused at her toys that stood before her. They kneeled on the glossy blue floor. The palace they inhabited was unrecognizable as the three rooms it was and also the three rooms above to give it a high ceiling. The walls were now crystalline mirrors and the furniture became an assortment of toy chests with different designs and sizes hungry to trap unsuspecting toys.
“What did you see Dum and Dee?” The fairy asked impatiently.
The one on her left said, really she could not tell them apart. “A bird, a bee, a butterfly”
“Springs and soldiers, we testify.” The other said.
They spoke together, “Beware mistress, this no small problem, the threats amplify!”
Trixie rubbed her temple, “Stop rhyming Dee.”
“I’m Dum!” One teased as she snickered, “She’s Dee.”
“No not me she’s Dee!” The other giggled with the game.
“We cannot help it mistress.” One replied with glee.
“We must stitch rhymes like a seamstress.” The other added just as cheekily.
Trixie groaned and whispered. “I don’t have time for games.”
“We do my compatriot and I!” Dum sang, or was it Dee?
“Cross our heart hope to die!” The other picked up in perfect time.
“Stick a needle in our eye!” D&D harmonized.
Trixie groaned and zapped an empty toy box which changed into giant wooden sewing needle. The twins cowered under it. A smirk crossed the fairy’s face. “I’d gladly do both D&D. Now, let’s try this again shall we? Where are they going?”
“Here!” Shouted a voice from the corner to the fairy’s right. Vivi, still a punk ballerina, was sitting on her stand to relax her aching muscles happy for a chance to catch her breath. She broke her long silence and glared at the present Blue Fairy with utmost vitriol, “Miss P will come here to rescue us!”
Trixie scowled as the needle exploded into a shower of blue sparks causing D&D to duck and cover. She waved her wand again and the music box key began to spin. Vivi groaned as she stood the magic coursing through her tights. It forced her to dance.
However, she did not fight it. She knew it was futile. She accepted the dance moves with ease and grace. A tear ran down her cheek now not just from the strain but also from the joy that she would be saved soon. She allowed the music box’s melody to take her worries as she danced meeting the magic halfway with practiced skill. Trixie, happy now that she silenced the dissent, turned her attention back to her other toys.
“Stay here,” She commanded, “if they are coming then we should be ready for them.”
The chess knight saluted at the command. Dee and Dum both squeed their fear drained from them as they clasp each other’s mitts. “Yay a play date! We simply cannot wait!”
Trixie turned to the corner to her left. There was a giant plush kangaroo out of the pages of something like Winnie the Pooh. It was at least seven feet tall as it sat upright on its rear unmoving. Trixie flashed a smug smile towards it, “Besides, we have a secret weapon.”
D&D gave a collective gasp, “The toy RA wants to play?”


The motley crew of misfit do gooders headed to where they knew that Trixie resided. Miss Papillion led the way determined. Jessie bounced behind her humming softly. Ryan and Alicia held onto each other as they followed wooden prop swords in their hands Alicia’s stage provided, and Chris brought up the rear. Chris examined his sword wondering if he would need to use it. He hoped not. A sword never entered his hands before, at least it was blunt save for the pointed tip that reminded him more of a pin than a blade. Chris walked to the front of the line the need to speak up sweltering within him. He passed the enamored couple and blushed at Jessie’s wink and finally found a place at Miss P’s side.
“This is crazy huh?” He remarked hoping to get a response. “I just want it to be over.”
Miss P nodded, “Indeed.”
“You scared?” He asked
“Yeah,” Miss P answered hesitantly, “but my… friend, she’s in trouble. I can’t stand idly but while her and those other toys suffer. It makes me think of my childhood toys I gave away. Maybe it’s silly to think of them as a live when they are not, but I can now empathize with them. No toy should be abused.”
Chris sighed awash with melancholy, “Yeah, I had a bunch of actions figures as a kid but once I outgrew them I handed them down to my little brother. It doesn’t mean too much to me now that I worry about storage space, but then it tore me up to part with them. Toys do have a life of their own in a way.”
Miss P marched ahead resolutely, “Today has given me some perspective on that.”
Finally, they reached a blue double door façade that lead into what was easily a castle/ playroom three times the size of Chris and Jessie’s. where there should be about four. Miss P put her hand on one doorknob then hesitated. Chris put his hand on hers. Their eyes met, and with a determine nod they opened the door. The group entered the room to face the gaze of Trixie, the knight, the twins, and Vivi. The group spread out to even the tension in the air. There was a giant plush kangaroo leaning against a corner lifelessly. He was happy to see one less thing to worry about.
Miss P stuck out a mitt accusingly trying her best to keep her gaze away from Vivi, “It is clear Trixie that you are using the power granted to you by the wand selfishly. We demand you release ownership.”
“Cute,” Trixie retorted uninterested, “I’m afraid I’ll have to decline.”
Trixie waved her wand and the toy boxes opened around her in unison, “You may be pretty big, but I’m sure I can cram all of you into a box.”
Chris gulped drawing his sword, “Um… I’m not a toy…”
Jessie bounced behind him and held onto his shoulders possessively and to steady her springy limbs. “He’s my owner!”
Trixie smirked, “As I said, a box for all of you.”
Miss P grew angry with frustration trying to wrap her mind around it all, “What do you hope to accomplish with all this?”
Trixie shrugged with the arrogance of one who has it all. Power drunk but classy, “Whatever I want. I have power beyond my wildest dreams. Who’ll stop me?”
Chris groaned struck dumb by the unreality of it all, “Now you sound like a bad Batman villain. Now that you can turn things into toys you plan to use it to control the world.”
Jessie stuck out her cloth tongue to punctuate his point. Trixie stood furiously stomping her foot, “It’s true! I may not be able to change you since you are an owner, but I can do it to anyone else. Not much room for debate if you are my toy. Enough of this stupid talk get them!”
Trixie’s toys then attacked and a great melee erupted! Miss P took flight and went after Trixie. Jessie backed up Miss P leaping over Lady Sabrina with ease. Sabrina charged forward at Chris and he raised his sword to parry her blow. Ryan and Maria went back to back as D&D bounced around them just out of reach of the swords.
Trixie took flight and fired sparkling blasts at her two attackers but they dodged them. Trixie took evasive maneuvers and the two flyers played tag. Jessie worked her springs to the max as she jumped as high as she could and tried to grab onto Trixie. She just narrowly missed. Trixie flew higher and higher. Trixie fired her magic at a toy chest. The magic reshaped it into two wooden swords that hovered into D&D’s mitts so each had a weapon to match their foes.
“Yay!” Dum squealed as she waved her blade around playfully, “Stabbing slashing bashing mashing!”
Dee giggled twirling hers. “Crashing zashing grashing quashing.”
Alicia raised an animated brow, “Good one Dr. Seuss.”
Ryan chuckled readying his prop sword, “So you do read some poetry.”
Alicia nudged him in retort, “I did have a childhood you know.”
D&D rushed the two and had a brawl that resembled a play fight more than a life or death struggle. The twins seemed more interested in how the swords banged together than to hit their opposite.
Alicia managed to hold her own “Never thought stage fighting would help me!”
She was stunned to see Ryan held his own too. “You can fight with swords?”
Ryan backed away from his opposite and winked through his deep breaths. “I had a childhood too you know.”
Meanwhile, Chris stood up against Sabrina the chess knight. Chris hoped his uniform gave him some kind of magic power against his opponent with an unnerving stony stare. It did not seem to as the fight wore him down. However, their weapons struck midblow often because of his undisciplined movements and her stilted strikes. His sword must be harder than hickory though because it withstood hers. The sword vibrated, friction burned Chris hands, but his blade stood firm.
Sabrina forced him backwards. She swung at Chris and broke an empty toy box. He saw a strange looking controller device in the wreckage and picked it up. He blocked another strike. He worked to outmaneuver her as she held the advantage in a straight up fight.
A soft plop echoed behind him, but before he turned around he was grabbed from behind in a tight hug! A soft mitt held him against a squishy form and another covered his mouth to muffle his voice to nothing. He tried to swing his sword but his arm was forced against him. Sabrina stopped to watch as Chris struggled in vain. “Mmmph! Stmmph!”
He tried to elbow his attacker but the impact was just absorbed like he was punching a pillow. Whatever grabbed him picked up him despite his squirming then forced him down. He looked down terrified to see the paw, large feet, and pouch of some kind of kangaroo plush! It lowered him into her pouch starting with his legs. He squirmed and kicked but did not slow her gentle shove downwards.
“MMM!” He shouted eyes widened as he watched the pouch defy reality and he sunk deeper and deeper like he slipped into a sleeping bag. His eyes glimpsed its last of the world before he was in a new rabbit hole where darkness consumed him, his sword and the mysterious controller.
Jessie jumped at the Kangaroo beating it with her fists. She played keep away with the Kangaroo “Let my master go!”
The struggle distracted Miss P and a blast of magic finally caught her. She fell down onto the floor and Trixie landed behind her. She placed a heel on Miss P’s back pinning her down. She then blasted Jessie catching her in the air with magic. Jessie kicked and stretched her limbs trying to fight the intangible lasso around her in vain.
“Hey!” Jessie squealed as she flailed around.
Trixie shook her head a victorious smirk spread across her face. “No, toys go into a box.”
Jessie’s eyes widened in terror! “No!”
Trixie glanced down to the squirming Miss P beneath her. “As for you, Butterfly, I think I’ll do something special for you.”


Chris opened his eyes to see that he was… floating weightlessly in a void? The silent void enveloped him like water. He wondered how he could breathe; then remembered magical moving talking dolls so… yeah, better not question it. He picked a direction and tried to swim around, but any headway was negated by the void’s endlessness.
He looked up and a white hole that resembled the pouch’s opening looked down on him tauntingly. He tried to swim up to it, but he met some kind of resistance he couldn’t see and left like mashing against saran wrap. Pressure pulled him down. The harder he pushed the stronger it pushed against him. He tried to swing his sword at it but it just cut empty air. He threw it at the hole but it just fell back to him like gravity pushed it away.
Chris crossed his leg and crossed his legs to think. He sheathed his sword and held the goofy controller he worked hard to keep. He was not alone for long though.
Ryan plopped in distraught. “Trixie… got Jessie and Alicia inside of a toy chest and Miss P in a crystal container…”
Chris crossed his arms, “Darn it, what do we do?”
Ryan looked around and at first tried to swim up but Chris grabbed his coat stopping him., “It won’t work, I’ve tried everything.”
Ryan crossed his legs and arms. “Change of perspective.”
Chris mirrored his pose seeing no other alternative but it did not sit well with him. “Well we can’t just sit around her floating.”
A tiny voice none of them had heard before piped up, “Join the club.”
The tiniest doll Chris had ever seen floated holding herself scared. She was half person half plane and dressed like a pilot. She was much smaller than the other humans turned dolls, it was no wonder they just now noticed her.
Chris swam to her, “Hey, were you a person?”
The pilot toy nodded, “Yes, and I’ve been in here for what feels like forever!”
Ryan grabbed hold of her gently and examined her curious. “what’s your name?”
She sighed, “Kim.”
Ryan nodded in acknowledgement, “I’m Ryan, and this is Chris. Do you know a way out of here Kim?”
Kim threwher arms up in frustration, “I could try to fly up to it, but I can’t move my plane parts without my controller.”
Chris showed her the device he picked up. “Is this it?”
Kim’s eyes lit up. “Yes! Yes that’s it!”
Chris smiled and fiddled with the knobs. Kim went forward with magical propulsion guided by his movements. He guided her towards the hole with bated breath. Whatever magical saran wrap that held the bigger captives back she punched a little hole straight through. Chris felt a tug like a water drain pulling them out.


Miss P curled up in a clear container that Trixie made for her with her hand in her folded arms sulking in her failure. She dared not look up lest she glimpse Trixie gloating as she drank from a cup content with her victory or worse a disappointed gaze from Vivi. D&D played pattycake. Sabrina returned to her place at the foot of the throne, and the kangaroo sat cuddling her pouch.
Miss P wallowed in her failure. She led the group to disaster. Jessie was bouncing around in her box trying to get out, but it was clear it shook the box nothing more. Alicia was in a separate box. The Kangaroo’s pouch ate everyone else. Miss P heard sobbing instead of struggling from Alicia’s box. She wondered if she would cry herself, or if she even could.
Her mind went wild imagining a blue fairy’s unrestrained power unleashed onto the world. She remembered Trixie before the blue wings and how she acted a bit domineering but when it was appropriate. Now that she had this power, could she really make real her threats? Miss P’s mind ran wild with thoughts of what could go wrong. The armies of the world made into tinker tin soldiers, little green soldiers, nutcrackers or any other sort of the innumerable of soldiers toys over the centuries. Heck, they could even end up like a Risk board game who knows the wand’s power almost had a mind of its own and was so variable based on individuals.
Miss P’s train of thought derailed when she heard a great commotion. She peeked to see a small plane exploded out of the kangaroo’s pouch surprising everyone. Chris and Ryan burst out as well one after another falling to the floor. The rest of the room seemed as stunned as Miss P. Trixie dropped her cup, D&D stopped playing their game, and the kangaroo pushed herself upright.
Trixie pointed her wand at the boys, “Get them!”
The two humans rushed Miss P’s container. The Kangaroo hopped after them frantic to catch them. They stood right outside of Miss P’s container and when the Kangaroo jumped at them they dove aside and the large plush’s bulk accidently teetered the container. They worked together to push it over. The glass shattered like sugar glass into a fine powder.
The pair then ran to opposite sides of the room as the Knagaroo swiped at them barely missing them with her mitts. She looked both ways unsure of where to go. Ryan stopped in a corner to catch his breath. D&D cornered him with mischievous smiles.
“What shall we do with him D?” One said.
“Making him our toy sounds good to me.” The other replied.
The other smiled. “So many ways we can play with our toy.”
Ryan grunted as he braced himself for a fight he could not win. “Lewis Carroll called, he wants his dignity back”
The two locked arms and charged him catching him by the chest and pinning him against the wall. Ryan grunted as he tried to push back but the twins kept him against it firmly.
They snickered and one teased. “He doesn’t talk so hot with the wind out of his sails.”
The other brightened with an idea. “How about we get him in a dress with pig tails?”
“Yes Yes teehee! He will be so pretty!” The other exclaimed.
The other rubbed Ryan’s side with mock affection. “A doll of our own what glee!”
Ryan kept trying to push until he lost all strength. Finally, he sighed and slumped down. “Your rhyme scheme and accents could use some work.”
They giggled. “When this is over, first we shut that potty mouth.”
Meanwhile, Chris ran to Sabrina. The knight readied herself for combat, and swung a vertical slice at her returned foe, but he sidestepped the blade and got behind her. He bear hugged her. She tried to free herself. However, his more flexible form kept her more rigid one contained.
Miss P flew right into Trixie. She wrestled with her on the throne and tried to wrest the wand from her hands. Trixie kicked and screamed but it did not hurt Miss P’s cloth form. Finally, she tugged the wand out of the fairy’s hand and threw it to Vivi.
Vivi caught it and the blue magic faded from Trixie as it engulfed the music box ballerina. Vivi closed her eyes as the magic removed her from any bonds and held her in midair. Everyone watched in awe as her tutu changed into a blue leather mini-dress with unique rising black flame sewn into the skirt and a heart of bright blue burning in them where the hottest part of the fire would be. A stitching of a heart framed by flame nestled at the center of her chest. Fishnet stockings captivated as they ran down to her knee cut, high heel, and equally leather boots. Tight elbow length gloves that matched the ensemble held onto the wand firmly.
Her hair gained a sky blue tint and tied into a ponytail as her skin became as pale as a porcelain doll, though tastefully so she retained the graceful beauty of a performer. Swirling blue eyeliner around her eyes and lipstick on her red lips was the only highlighting make up. Overall, she appeared like a Patrick Nagel subject. Two distinct pairs of wings sprouted out from her shoulder blades that resembled a dragonfly’s more than a butterfly.
If Annabelle was a Grimm Christian Anderson Blue Fairy and Trixie was more like Taylor Swift, Vivi would make Joan Jett proud. She looked herself over in curiosity that slowly built into excitement, as if there was a part of her that was locked inside now set free. All stood silent wondering what was going to happen next.
Vivi flourished her wand aiming it at her old music box. The magic reshaped the music box into a Gibson wooden electric guitar. She levitated it into her hands and stuck the wand into her hair like a hair stick so she could hold the guitar tenderly. The instrument glowed blue from magic and she strummed a chord. It produced a clear rocking sound without amps. Vivi grinned and hugged the magic guitar, “Christmas came early!”
Trixie, now a mundane college coed again, stood frozen in fear as all of her power slipped away from her. She slowly dropped to her knees stunned. However, Vivi seemed to pay her no mind as her gaze went to Miss Papillion. She walked over to Miss P and held out her hand with a wiry smile. Miss P got up and grasped it smiling shyly.
Vivi winked with a sparkling around her eyes like glitter, “We did it.”
Miss P nodded in affirmation her smile radiant as the dawn. “We did.”
Vivi held onto her toy’s hand as she now switched to Trixie. Her stare became one of contempt. “Well, looks like you are the only one out of place. So you like making people dance do you? Well, I have some songs for you to dance to for a while. Which do you prefer? Devil Went Down to Georgia, One, Free Bird, Hopeless Eternity, Through the Fire and the Flames?”
Trixie opened her mouth to retort, but when she saw Vivi’s cold eyes and she fell silent. Miss P squeezed the new fairy’s hand as hard as she could with her soft mitt. “Vivi, don’t hurt her. She… she did not do any real harm. I have a theory that you can undo everything she did.”
Vivi shouldered her guitar and drew out her wand. She tapped her chin with the it in thought. “Suppose I could. I will change back anyone and anything that wants to be what they were.”
The Kangaroo hopped over to her and tried to grab her while she was distracted. Miss P noticed and pointed just in time. Vivi blasted the plush with her magic and it shrank to human proportions. The plush became an Ra again though now she wore a kangaroo costume that looked like pajamas and a hood covering all but her eyes. She looked at her mitten hands and moved her digits. She felt her pouch now just a pocket for hiding goodies and not a portal to the unknown. She slumped to her knees rubbing her head like she was still unstuffing it.
Vivi laughed, “Well, that proves that. Quite cute if I must say.  Either way, I would like to stay the fairy a bit longer. Would you be willing to be with me if I did? I was thinking of traveling around, rocking out, making wishes come true. Interested?”
Miss P looked away in thought. Vivi turned to her and put both of her hands on the butterfly doll’s shoulders concerned. “Look… it’s okay. You don’t have to-”  
The toy put a mitt to her owner’s cheek. “I will, in fact it would be quite fun!”
Vivi was so happy she did not know how to express it except an embrace. It was rather strange for two beings with wings to do so, but they did it smoothly.
The blue fairy then cast her eyes on Trixie again. “But back to you. I have considered making you a doll in your own right and I think I could since I don’t think any of these toys would proudly call you owner, but I think it would be too good for you. No, I have a different punishment in mind for your abuses.”
Miss P tugged on her owner’s shoulder, “Vivi, seriously, don’t go too hard on her.”
Vivi sighed and her anger subsided. “Fine, what should we do with her then?”
Miss P rubbed her chin, then whispered into the fairy’s ear. The fairy listened and her grew spread like a blossoming flower
Trixie found her voice and stomped her foot furious at her powerlessness. “You can’t do this to-“
Vivi gave the wand a swish and flick sending a blast of magic at Trixie.
The large puff of fanfare smoke cleared and the still human trixie gasped when she saw she was now dressed as a mere court jester!
Jessie clapped, “Yay! A new jester!”
Trixie gasped and tried to pull the costume off but to no avail. “What did you do to me?!”
“Be happy,” Vivi scoffed, “I can still dress you up like my own fashion doll if I want, so I would watch what you say if I were you. You may lose that privilege.”
Trixie gulped sitting down and pulling her legs closer to herself. She buried her face into her knees and began to sob. “What have I done? I deserve this… I did terrible things . Please, let me travel with you. I want to make up for what I’ve done.”
Vivi had only the tiniest spark of pity in her eyes. Her scowl softens. “You may come with me as my herald and to help sell the idea we are traveling performers. Kk?”
Trixie wiped her runny nose and sniffled. “Thank you.”
Jessie raised her hand excitedly as if waiting on a teacher to call her, “Oh! Oh! Can I come too with my box?”
Vivi winked and pulled Miss P to her side, “Sure, the more the merrier.”
Chris came up, “What about us?”
Kim chimed, “And people who don’t want to be toys!”
Vivi thought hard, “Well, I’ll leave that to you. So, I ask, do you want ot be as you are? Or, do you want to be as you were. I leave it to you to decide.”
And so those that wanted to be toys remained that way as long as they wanted and those that wanted their old life back received it. Some owners kept their toys, others let their toys go for one more worthy of them. Tears were shed as reunions brought people together and some split apart to pursue different destinies. Vivi cleaned up her predecessor’s messes as if it never happened and brought both with her on a travelling tour. With Miss P at her side, Vivi used her power responsibly to do just as she wished: to spread joy and fun to all they met. And if one wanted to let their worries go and be a toy for a time, then that can be arranged. However, Vivi liked to remind people that they did not need a magic wand to have fun. Fun and toys are within everyone’s heart and each had a special piece within themselves that they owned.

The wand of the blue fairy may pass from hand to hand, but love of toys and fun are for everyone always.
Dorm Room Dolls 8 Finale (animate inanimate tf)
My God, finally, after all this time it is done. It might be tweaked here and there but I wanted to post it now for those who stuck with me for how many years? XD

It'll be a shame to see it done though I had a lot of fun with it. I struggled for such a long time to figure out how to end it and satisfy myself. It's a little open, and feel free to draw your own conclusions and post them in the comments if you feel like it. 

Final Credits

:iconlarqven: for the Tweedle Twins

:iconsenor-refresho: for the premise, Billy/Miss P and Vivi, and inspiring images

:iconkelannpoole: for Vivi's fairy form

Thanks to everyone who has liked and faved this series it was very enjoyable to write and the strong support helped to see me through to the end.
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