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This is me with :iconheuring: and :icongabrielraven:

And a puesdo sequel to their Disney Adventure series of short stories found here:…

It was payment to :iconheuring: for including me in artwork for (to be released).

That out of the way, enjoy!


Cliff, who recently regained his manhood after his experience with Hannah, called his friend Aaron to meet him down in Florida so he could be around some more testosterone. He came immediately and took him to Sea World for a change of scenery. Aaron and Cliff sat down at a restaurant eating burgers. Cliff told him all of the stuff that he went through, “Thanks for coming man.”

Aaron nodded washing down some food with a swig of soda, “No problem. That’s some crazy stuff man. Sounded pretty fun though.”

“Yeah,” Cliff replied, “If it wasn’t so humiliating most of the time.”

His friend laughed, “Ah come on man it’s still cool though.”

Cliff blushed and ate another bite. “Yeah, a little.”

Aaron look resigned for a moment then smiled, “Funny thing, before I came Hannah asked me to turn you into Ariel over Skype.”

Cliff’s eyes opened, “What?! Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I decided not to.” Aaron grinned, “I figured you could use a break from that sort of thing. Besides, I can get you later.”

Cliff, however, did not look comforted, “Oh man, if Hannah finds out what you did that’ll be bad for both of us.”

Aaron shrugged and finished his burger. “No one has to tell her.”

Cliff glanced over Aaron’s shoulder and gasped. Aaron turned around and saw Hannad dressed in classic “incognito” with a fedora, trench coat, and shades. Aaron looks to her confused, “Who are you again?”

“Aaron… meet Hannah.” Cliff spoke as if a wolf stood in their company.

Aaron sank as the news sank in. Hannah’s disappointed gaze made him shrink more. “So whatya doin’?”

“Nothin’.” He replied instantly like a kid with the crummy hand fresh out of the cookie jar.

“Thwarting my plans?” She asked firm.


Cliff finally shouted, “Hewasn’tgoingtoturnmeintoAriel!”

He covered his mouth blushing. Aaron glared, “Smooth move Krillan.”

Hannah smirked as she revealed Cliff’s Pensword, “Ah okay.”

Both boys’ eyes widened knowing they were in for a world of hurt.

“Let's have some fun!” She shouted happily before waving it changing them into mermen removing their clothes so they were bare-chested and their chairs so they both flop on the ground. The two had tails in the style of Disney’s Little Mermaid with Aaron having a red one and Cliff a green one. The boys looked up to her terrified.

She took off her shades flashing a wicked grin before waving the sword again. Next thing they knew they were submerged in a large empty tank. They looked out the viewing window and there was no one looking in on them. Aaron held his breath instinctively, and he didn’t feel any gills or anything. However, he finally took a breath and realized they could just breathe as if on land. Some more glancing around showed that this tank encircled a room.

It took them a second to get the hang of swimming with a tail. Once Cliff did, he glared at Aaron, “You just had to not do what she said.”

Aaron shrugged, “Could be worse. At least you’re still a guy.”

Cliff face palmed. “Dude, let’s just find a way to get the sword back so we can get out of here.”

Suddenly, there was a flash behind them. They turned to see Hannah the mershark! She floated holding the sword tauntingly. She brushed her hair out of her eyes and gave them a sharp toothed, menacing smile. “Shall we begin our "fun"?”

Both mermen’s eyes widened as big as dinner plates before swimming as far as they can the other way!

Hannah swam after then humming the Jaws theme.
Just want to know how all the watchers are feeling.
This is part 4 of my seasonal witch series.


Aurelia Forester stood in front of her last class that day in Autumn Hills High school. The leaves started to change marking the transformations of the first weeks of Fall. The teacher dressed impeccably like Maleficent. However, unlike what they put on Angelina Jolie, she did not use leather-like materials. She wore comfortable, and more importantly flexible, cotton fabrics. It took her some time to get all of her blonde hair into the horns, but she did as well as fit herself into the body-hugging outfit although stretched more than she’d like. Sadly, the outfit did not impress the last group as much as the first. Accused gossip!

Aurie then asked them to turn in the essay assigned two weeks ago. She had fun staring down the students as they turned in their essays. It reminded her when she dressed as Professor McGonagall and remained in character. She tried not to be an overbearing teacher but her mock icy stare could send a chill down even the stoutest high schooler’s heart.

“I hope you enjoyed Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes.” She spoke keeping in character laughing to herself at their surprise of how unlike her it was, “Now let’s start the horror of all high school English students, Shakespeare.

She gave an ominous laugh, “We get the joy of reading Macbeth which I imagine that you will enjoy more than you think. Also, please as always, do not give into temptation and go to Sparknotes. Ask your classmates who tried, I’ll know. I favor other writers, but his work stands out in its own ways.”

They then spent the rest of the class distributing the books and beginning the story. The presentation of the Weird Sisters amused the Fall Witch because it made her think of her sisters doing the same thing. She stood up and called upon her students to read passages out loud which was funny at best but painful at worst depending on individual’s passion for reading aloud. She made sure that everyone read a piece.

Seeing that class was almost over, she decided to wrap everything up. “Now as you read formulate an honest opinion of the writer and the work like the last essay. Give your honest opinion whether you think he’s a genius or crazy. One of my favorite essays was someone explaining to me that Shakespeare was a plagiarist. As long as you can defend the argument, it’s fair game. Alright, happy first day of fall, and now I need to figure out how I can top this on Halloween.”

The bell rung and the students left eager to start their weekend. Aurie sat down at her desk happy to take a breather. She opened a thermos of warm, homemade apple cider to help this. She took a sip relishing in its relaxing cinnamon aroma and crisp taste. She noticed one of students Tommy Farragut remaining behind as everyone else left.

She sipped on her drink more and closed her eyes as she savored her drink as she pretended not to notice him. She heard him approach and sigh. “Mrs. Forester, I need help. I need to pass the class.”

She opened her eyes and gazed to him sincerely, “I understand fully. I have extra credit for just this situation. That has worked magic in the past.”

“What is your extra credit?” he asked resigned to the worst.

Aurie took in a deep breath for dramatic effect. “Write what you have learned in this class in at least 500 words. It’s due on the final exam.”

“Oh, Okay!” The teen’s brightened some. That was shorter than past papers she assigned.

He was clearly relived by this meeting, “Okay! You doing anything for Halloween? You look like you can hardly wait.”

She laughed at his jab, “Me and my husband take turns giving out candy to trick-or-treaters and going out with our daughter and some of her friends. This year it’s his turn to take her out so I figured I’d try out my costume for the big day.”

He adjusted his backpack. “Neat, we usually have family over and a big party.”

That reminded Aurie of an incident with the turkey the last time she had her family over for Thanksgiving. “I haven’t done something like that in awhile. My family is a bit… unconventional.”

He laughed, “Aren’t all of them? Well, cya Monday.”

Her student thanked her then left with a wave.  Aurie picked up her bag full of her normal clothes under her desk and slipped over to the bathroom across the hall. She made sure no one was inside; then she concentrated as her fingers glow with an orange aura. Her costume swapped places with normal clothes in a flash.

After making sure her burnt orange blouse and black skirt were where they were supposed to be, she walked out of the school. She replied to partings from students and colleagues as she walked outside into the chill fall air. The wind picked leaves off trees. Animals went about their rituals preparing for the oncoming winter. The witch stood still reaching out with her magic into the world feeling the coursing winds like the veins in her body. The winds of change were blowing in the Northern Hemisphere, and she felt Newlyn and her Nymphs presence in the Southern Hemisphere as they brought their own winds to spread the life of spring. Teamwork truly was a magical thing. She loved the aura of her season and as she passed by to her car more leaves fell in her wake.

When Aurie returned to her home in the suburb outside of town, she parked in the driveway then got the mail. A glance at the large envelop with her sister’s emblems made her gasp. It took a moment for her to recompose herself, and then she went inside her mind blown from receiving a letter from her sisters. She went inside, and as expected all was quiet. Her familiar Alexei must be asleep. Her daughter Sarah should be getting out of school, but their good friend Asha said she would pick her up so that her daughter Jasmine and Sarah could spend the afternoon together. Her husband Richard should not be in from work for a bit. As much as she loved her family, blessed be a quiet house.

The witch went upstairs past the bathroom and the first two bedrooms. One has a white board on the door with “Sarah's room” written in marker and the other had a grumpy cat sign that “I had fun once- then someone woke me up.” Finally, she made it to her and Richard’s room. She put her costume up with the others, exchanged her work clothes for a more comfortable tank top, shorts, and took off her dress shoes leaving just her socks.

When Aurie picked up her laptop from her desk and made her way back downstairs, Alexei came out of his room stretching. The witch’s familiar looked human save for a few feline features, most notably the tail that swished out of his catnap pajamas. The grey fur was reminiscent of the Russian Blue breed. Matching furred triangle ears poked out of his messy hair, and his canine teeth were noticeably longer than the average person. All in all, he could pass for human if he wore a toboggan and stuffed his tail into his pants. Why he chose a soft featured form only he knows.

“Nyaaa,” He yawned covering his mouth then scratched his side. His voice had a hint of a Russian accent but it did not dominate his speech, “Could you not bang around so loudly? Is it dinner time yet?”

Aurie crossed her arms, “It’s not even four o’ clock, it’ll be ready when I cook it unless you want Meow Mix.”

The neko stuck his tongue out. “Ew! You know I hate dry food.”

Aurie smirked, “Then make something yourself or wait ‘til I finish cooking.”

The neko guy saw the mail from the other witch’s in his master’s hand, “Oh! What’s that about?”

Aurie tousled his hair playfully scratching between his ears. “I haven’t looked yet. You’ll be the first to know.”

“Good, I’m goin’ back to sleep.” Alexei replied before he closed the door.

The witch continued downstairs laughing to herself about how now the cat boy familiar was almost like raising a second child. However, she could not deny the power that he possessed like all familiars. She set up her laptop on the kitchen counter then checked her messages online. She saw nothing out of the ordinary with parents arguing to teachers in the Parent Teacher Association, funny video links, and offers of asylum from Nigerian Princes. She then checked the mail: Yay power bill, double yay water bill, trifecta yay the bundled phone, TV, and internet bill.

After trudging through the bill fun, she was happy she saved the best for last. The large envelop made her a bit nervous to its contents. She opened it with trepidation… and it revealed a long, folded scroll opening with each of the other sisters’ marks: Harmony’s snowflake, Newlyn’s flower, and Julia’s sun.

She read on to see:

To our dearest sister Aurelia,

We would like to visit our family this Halloween for a party!

They then split into their unique writing.

First was Harmony’s energetic, speedy scrawl. Winter and I want to introduce you to Ethan!

Then, Newlyn’s more mature, loopy cursive interjected. Ethan is someone that Winter shared her essence with, so you know. I for one abhor frightening others unnecessarily. However, I would love to see Richard again and our favorite niece! Sarah and a few nymphs will join me.

Finally, Julia wrote down in print. Can’t wait to have fun with you!

Then they all signed it. Love, your sisters Harmony, Newlyn, and Julia.

Newlyn added P.S. keep the picture.

They left space for her reply, and she picked up a nearby spare pen on the counter and wrote in her best teacher scribe, I accept!

Finishing with her magically inscribed leaf mark, she resealed the letter and marked it return to sender. The aforementioned picture was a portrait included with weak traces of magic emanating from it. It looked like it was shrunk and thinned to fit into the letter. She could tell it was a group shot of them in Julia’s realm but she could not make out everything. Aurie set the letter aside then cast a spell on the picture to reverse the last spell placed on it, a simple matter since the magic bonds were not strong.

It grew so that she could make out everyone on it. Aurie suspected a nymph painted it, and the detail was astounding. She could clearly make out her sisters, their familiars, and a few new faces. The one lucky guy must be Ethan, and there was a nymph she did not recognize. She grinned as she felt a surge of nostalgia spending time with her sisters there. She welcomed the chance to see them again. While she lived among humans, it was not out of any fault of her family just her own.

The witch gathered her thoughts back from introspection to thinking about dinner. She mused over possibilities, and found more dishes she did not want than those that she did. She then snapped as she thought of the perfect dish for such a night! Yes, she would cook the family favorite spaghetti casserole stuffed with angel hair pasta, ground beef, cheese, and green olives. Sweet potatoes would make a nice side.

She concentrated and levitated her purse to her from upstairs and then got in her car. She drove over to the supermarket to gather her ingredients as well as some other miscellaneous items like milk and snacks. The trip was uneventful. When she returned home, she saw Richard’s car in the driveway and smiled. She went inside with a few grocery bags and found her husband in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher. She loved the dark haired man to share vows with him, but wearing his business suit and tie made him all the more elegant to her. His tall, lanky form allowed him to reach higher than her so he was a big help around the kitchen. She loved to cook since he helped clean.

She put aside the bags and went over to him and embraced his neck giving him a long kiss. He looked to her pleased by the surprise. “Well nice to see you too!”

She rubbed his shoulders. “I was wondering if a big, strong man could help me get out all of my groceries? I was thinking of making spaghetti casserole tonight.”

He did not need further encouragement as he rushed outside to help bringing in all of the remaining groceries. Aurie watched him and felt that warm touch of love as she could not imagine her life without him. She was certain he thought the same thing, and while he may not see himself as brave, to her he was the bravest man alive. She brought out the pans she needed to prepare the meal. “Guess who I got a letter from?”

“Your sisters?” her husband guessed.

“Good one!” She held up the letter, “They want to come over and have a Halloween party.”

He saw the marks and remembered the last time he saw them which was a few Thanksgivings ago, and he has not seen all the familiars since the wedding. “All of them?”

“Yes, familiars included though not all of the nymphs like the wedding.” She replied.

“It’ll be nice to see everyone again. How will we sneak a griffon around though?” Richard asked. She could see as the gears turned in his head with them sneaking a mythical creature through the suburbs.

“You’ll have four witches and three other familiars, we’ll figure something out.” She winked.

“Yes,” a new male voice said dripping with charisma, “I hope you will. That one doesn’t like to change form.”

They turned to see a pumpkin-headed figure sitting on the back a dining room table chair like he was weightless. He wore a tidy revolutionary era soldier’s uniform, though without a tricorn hat, and within the jack-o-lantern’s hollow head was a feint blue glow inside that illumined his expressive eyes and mouth. He appeared like a living cartoon avoiding an uncanny valley effect. As befitting a cartoon, he talked with his hands frequently.

Aurie dropped everything to go over to him. He came down and they  hugged tightly as though siblings reunited.

“Long time no see Jack!” The witch exclaimed happily.

The Washington Irving-esque being chuckled, “Indeed, my stroll did turn into quite a long walk. I am better for it though.”                                                              

He released the embrace and slid over to Richard, “Salutations Richie, how are things?”

Aurie knew her husband had mixed feelings towards Jack due to the being acting as the doting family figure that tested the newcomer, so she released a short breath when the smiling Richard stuck out his hand to shake. “You know, hanging in there.”

Jack shook hands his own gloved one, “Good to know.”

The men released the handshake and Jack leapt back to his spot on the chair though this time he sat on the chair resting his arms on the back facing the couple. “Where is Abigail?”

“Abby’s at a friend’s house.” Aurie answered, “You ever meet Jasmine?”

He nodded his grin broadening. “Yes, I remember her. She’s a fun little lass. It’s hard to get her goat.”

Aurie drew chairs over to her and Richard magically then both of them sat down, “Yes I know. Jack, are you doing anything Halloween?”

He looked to them slyly, “I overheard your sisters’ little idea. I approve and hope I am invited to attend.”

Aurie beamed. “They didn’t say you couldn’t go.”

Jack laughed slapping his knee, “That’s my kind of logic!”

Richard chimed in smiling, “Just watch were you put your pumpkins this time.”

Jack feigned innocence, “I told you a thousand times it fell on your head.”

He then balanced on the chair’s backrest, “You know, it is too quiet around here.”

His eyes flashed, and two objects sailed through the air like frisbees. They each landed on the couple’s heads before they could react. Aurie felt flushed for a second, then like normal again. All she had to do to see what joke Jack played on them was look over to her husband. His face was covered in the stage white make up and black lipstick of a mime! She could see him let out a mute gasp and try to remove the beret on his head, but she could sense that it had a magical power that rooted itself to him so removing it through sheer force was unlikely.

She deduced she was in the same situation, and she would not laugh even if she could. Also, she could tell that Richard was scarcely amused. He stood up fuming. On the other hand, she looked to her husband and felt infatuated despite the silly situation. She rushed over to him, and they looked into each other’s eyes then embraced diffusing the situation.

Jack smirked, “Actions do speak louder than words.”

Alexei came down the stairs, “Hey how is din- Jack!”

“Hey kitty cat.” The pumpkin head shot back cheerfully.

Alexei frowned and looked over to his mistress and master, “Hey planthead. Whatdya do to them?”

“Oh we were playing the quiet game and they wanted to model the hats I made.” He waved his hand to accentuate his sarcasm.

He crossed his arms “Making them mimes? Really? That’s rather... small time for your normal tastes.”

Jack crossed his in his stand off. Aurie stood with Richard still watching the mock standoff curious as to how they would resolve it. She was not worried for their safety, just amused.

Alexei sighed pulling out two of the most disarming cute fuzzy mittens with from his pocket. They matched his fur and had a paw pad pattern on the palms.

Jack’s eyes widen his jolly demeanor dropping for once, “You wouldn’t.”

The neko slipped one on and started to slip the other, but Jack held up his hands in surrender scowling as if Alexei cheated. “No need for that. I’ll remove it. They looked tacky anyways.”

The prankster removed the magical berets, and Alexei pocketed his mittens. Aurie kissed her husband again, “I don’t know if it was that tacky. You looked surprisingly cute as a mime hun.”

Richard blushed, “You think so?”

Aurie rubbed his sides, “How about we call Asha and say that Sarah can spend the night?”

Richard smiled and rubbed her shoulders in return, “I’ll do that while you finish dinner.”

“Thank goodness!” Alexei groans playfully, “After saving you from being mimes forever, I’d better get some dinner.”

Aurie glanced over to Jack, “Are you staying as well?”

The pumpkinhead’s jolly demeanor returned, “I’ll hang around, prank free. I got it out of my system.”

Aurie looked over a small part of her family and felt a deep satisfaction that she has only known since she underwent this new path in life.
Aurelia the Autumn Witch

Hope you enjoyed the read!


This took longer than I’d like because I spent so much time on the Halloween part and didn’t realize how much is missing. I might revisit and revise so please if you see errors mention them in the comments and I’ll alert everyone to big edits. This turned out longer than I thought it would but I like it! At least I can mark mimes off my list of transformations yet to do. This is an introduction and not the end. There will be another story released on Halloween as I allude to in this chapter.


I originally planned for Aurie to have some more spooky acquaintances than Jack but I couldn’t really put them in the story the way I wanted. While Jack can be that “uncle” with no relation that hangs around all of the time, the other ideas seemed to be there just to be there.


I had the idea for Prof McGonagall from my 12thgrade AP Literature Teacher Mrs. Monroe who tragically passed away after I graduated. She was a very inspiring figure and her class was a treat (save for Jane Eyre which I still hate). Professor McGonagall was her trade mark cosplay and she fit the role perfectly.


The spaghetti casserole is based on a real dish I know of, and also if I could request help from the readers: can you kind folks find me a good emblem to represent Aurie? I can’t find one that satisfies me.

Sequel to Winter Witch manymasksmanyfaces.deviantart.…

and Spring Witch manymasksmanyfaces.deviantart.…


The sun situated comfortably over a cove with a white sandy beach and tropical trees around the brim. The water in the bay was tranquil, and all but one of the seasonal witches gathered to enjoy the sea breeze of the domain of summer. The three: winter, spring, and summer all had their familiars and those that tagged along.

Harmony had an extra large umbrella covering her as she sat in her beach chair. A cooler sat beside her with sodas and glasses of milk (and bags of cookies) but no ice. She took out a soda and one could see the condensation of the drink turning to frost from her touch. She had a white one piece swimsuit that had an impression of mistletoe on her left side. Additionally, comically large sunglasses graced her face to protect her from the brightness of the sun.

Newlyn sat to the winter witch’s right and also had an umbrella shielding her fair skin from the high sun.  The maternal witch ate bits of mango from a bowl while she kept an eye on the familiars who were enjoying a dip in the bay.  Ethan and Winter, both whom shed their antlers leaving just nubs, splashed each other in the refreshing water. Sarah the griffon flew up into the air then did a cannonball into the water splashing the other two.

Newlyn looked over to Harmony, “Harmony dear, how is that fellow you employed as a Clydesdale?”

Harmony grinned, “He felt that he was ready to return to his true form after this last Christmas, so I returned him home with my blessing. He just needed a little time to get some perspective on life to realize that there were better things than being a bully.  I’ve talked to Winter and Ethan though and they feel up to pulling my sleigh when the time comes, would be a bit more fitting with the whole Santa thing I do.”

Newlyn laid back out again a tea in her hand, “Indeed it would. Mind giving me an ice refill?”

Harmony motioned for her sister to present her glass, and when she did the winter witch held her hand over it. She manifests ice between her fingers, shaped it into spirals, and dropped it into Newlyn’s drink. Newlyn raised her glass for a toast and touched the sand sowing cactus seeds with a touch.  “Twas’ an interesting start the year in some parts of the world.”

Three nymphs were present lying on blankets around Newlyn. They stayed away from the salty water but their chlorophyll enjoyed the sunlight and the flowers on their bodies shown in full bloom. One had roses woven into her leafy clothing, a different nymph enjoyed saffron, and the final one adorned gardenias on herself. They each stretched still exhausted from the work they did to brush away all of the snows to set everything how it needed to be.

Harmony nodded, “I worked a bit of overtime. You know that city Atlanta? I did as much as one witch could do there without blowing my cover and in many other places.”

“Yes,” Came the spicy voice of their hostess and sister Julia whose realm they relaxed in, “Now it is time for the sun to shine and the rain to fall.”

The Summer Witch wore a pale blue, two piece swimsuit that showed off her sun kissed body that was more toned than the slimmer Harmony or the fuller figured Newlyn. Next to her was a man and a woman both laying on the same blanket. All three of them had raven black hair.

“Pass me a coconut Joaquin.” Julia said with a spice of a tropical accent.

The beak nosed man next to her did so from a pile of them beside him. He had an unbuttoned red shirt that had decals of Mesoamerican art and a red swim suit that had flares of yellow and blue as well. The woman who wrapped herself around him sported a black one piece swimsuit with a yellow flare along her collarbone. She never let go of Joaquin while he passed the coconut and cooed when he settled back down with her. He on the other hand played it cool.

Julia rolled over, “Where’s Aurelia?”

Newlyn drank as she glanced over to her cacti that reached adolescence, “She told me she was on vacation to see her in-laws.”

Julia giggled, “Aurie, I don’t understand her. She goes off and gets married to a human, and takes all of her world with her to Earth. Jack alone is enough to cause trouble not to mention the-”

Harmony crossed one leg over the other then spoke with, “Maybe if you talked to her more you would understand her. Don’t you have some duties to perform anyways? It’s a little past the solstice.”

Julia sat up with a smirk pointing a finger up to the sky proud of herself, “I know! We should have a Halloween party at her house. That way I can talk to her a bit more.”

Harmony threw her head back laughing, “I knew you would somehow bring in a party.”

The Summer witch swept her hand in front of her and a sudden great windswept from the sea and blew away Harmony’s umbrella.

“Hey!” Harmony shouted as she fumed receiving the full brunt of the sun. She held her arms to the ground and shot ice that crystallized an arch around her to act as her placebo shield from the sun. Of course the sun’s reflection off the ice became blinding at the right angles. The bright light and shouting brought Winter and Ethan over to Harmony concerned, but then they saw she was overreacting so they kept their distance relieved it was nothing life threatening. Newlyn raised a brow but bit not intervene just yet. Her nymphs on the other hand huddled together behind Sarah as if they expected shots to go off.

Julia laughed and its sound was reminiscent of a cascading waterfall. Joaquin flashed a suave grin while Tia covered her giggle. Julia recomposed herself. “Bit of an overreaction there, it’s not like you’ll melt like ice. They have this thing called sunscreen. I can give you some if you come out of your snowglobe I can give you some.”

Harmony melted her covering and she crossed her arms. She stared at her sister silently for a moment; then sighed melting the ice, “Alright fine, I overreacted.”

The tension on the beach diffused as Julia played with some of her own hair. “Now, I imagine you and your entourage would like some sunscreen.”

Winter tapped Ethan’s red shoulder much to his chagrin. He winced, “Yeah… I forgot all about that stuff…”

Julia gave Harmony a parasol and two vials of sunscreen, “Now if you excuse me, I have some duties to perform. Why don’t you go swimming and relax? There are many months to go ‘til you need to work.”

“A good witch’s work is never done.” Harmony replied as she twirled the parasol.

Julia winked, “I agree.”

She waved her hands and an airy blue dress appeared over her swimsuit.  A red parasol appeared in her now silk bridal glove covered hands. Her blue wide brimmed hat that now topped her head gave her the appearance of a classy socialite from roaring twenties Cuba. The sting of melancholy crossed Joaquin’s face as he rose up as well. Tia rose up after him clinging to his arm. He nuzzled her cheek as his face became the visage of a scarlet macaw. His nuzzles brought out Tia’s long toucan beak.

He gave her a hug then whispered in her ear. She nodded then closed her eyes as she stepped back. His red magic enveloped her and revealed her true form, a toucan. She flew over to Newlyn who gladly fed her bits of mango. Then Joaquin changed himself into a large scarlet macaw flying through the air until he glided onto Julia’s shoulder. He squawked then pointed with his beak to a nearby palm tree. The summer witch reached her parasol out towards the tree and from its tip the epicenter of a brilliant corona portal opened to Earth. She waved to all gathered in her realm, “Farewell and adios for now.”

They waved goodbye and then Julia stepped through with a crackling excitement.

She reappeared on a remote beach in the human world, she went straight to work. She felt the coursing winds of the world around her flowing like blood through veins. She stuck her parasol up and closed her eyes so that she could see all of the world’s channels of weather. She liked what she saw. All was proceeding as it should.

Content with her assessment of the world’s weather, she then walked along the beach enjoying the surge of the waves as they crashed against the beach and the feel of the wind against her cheek. It was a beautiful, cloudless night with the moon shining brightly overhead. The distant lights of a festival shone bright like fallen stars.

Joaquin looked off to the horizon then spoke with a voice not unlike his human form, “Almost like home.”

Julia gazed out over the horizon, “Not quite.”

The witch’s gaze suddenly snapped to the nearby foliage. She felt like she was being watched, and not by animal eyes. Before she took action, a small girl revealed herself. She had on a pink dress that was tattered along with stains from dirt and grass all over herself. She looked scared of Julia as if the woman before her was a ghost. She sniffled like she had been crying for some time. It did not take long for Julia to deduce that the girl was likely lost in the jungle. She looked as if she never even conceived of such, and was too scared to just stay in one place to wait for help. It was possible she heard Julia and thought it was a rescue party.  The witch did not approach the girl fearing it would spook her like a wild rabbit, but she did give her a warm smile.

Finally, the girl spoke, “That… parrot talked…”

Julia laughed, “Of course, I trained it. Joaquin.”

The parrot squawked now more like any other talking parrot. He bobbed his head as he mimicked, “Joaquin, Joaquin.”

“No it talked like a person.” she reiterated shyly.

“Indeed I did.” Joaquin spoke in a voice that perfectly replicated hers.

Julia smacked her familiar’s beak, “Don’t scare the kid for no reason!”

Joaquin bowed speaking in his own voice, “My sincerest apologies miss. I am at your service.”

The witch could see plainly that the girl was beyond mystified, so she knelt down and handed the handle of her parasol to the girl, “Here, take this. I will take you to that festival okay. There, we can get in touch with your parents. Okay?”

The girl took it, surprised that Julia gave it to her, and held onto it. Julia then rose and extended her hand. The girl took it and they walked down the beach to reach the festival lights. Joaquin took flight overhead, and what seemed like a long walk took no time at all. Julia let the girl open up and by the end of the journey, they were talking like family. When Julia brought her to the festival staff, they did not ask too many questions just from how comfortable the girl was around Julia. They didn’t have too much time to either because as soon as they turned their backs she was nowhere to be seen.

Human Joaquin tapped Julia on her shoulder. “I imagine you want to hang out here some before we do a bit of a world tour.”

Julia placed her hands on his shoulders, “You know it!”

The two partied through the night mingling and having a good time. Only occasionally did they do magic tricks for other’s (and their own) amusement, but overall they just hung loose and had fun. Julia’s kisses were sweeter than the most expensive rum. She used it to lull men to sleep if she feared they were in danger if they tried to go home. Both of the magic wielders danced with many strangers, Julia favored the heartbroken men who just needed a reminder that there was love in the world; however, Joaquin stole the women’s hearts with his graceful movements. He took it upon himself to protect them. If his eagle eye spotted foul play against women he would intervene no matter the size of the aggressor. He had a particular affinity either giving the offenders duck beaks for a few minutes. Long enough for them to know what is happening but short enough that it would be gone before anyone would believe them. Furthermore, if the beak sensed a reflective surface nearby such as a mirror or a camera- it would vanish.

Such was how the two partied. The good times came to an end when Julia crashed the stage of live music. One security escort later, Joaquin and Julia walked away arm in arm supporting each other against the alcohol that flushed through them from the many drinks bought as gifts of gratitude. That night was over, but there were many more short nights of summer to come. Julia (while she had a few drinks now) had the responsibility to preside over it all.
Julia, the Summer Witch (Reuploaded)
I accidentally deleted the original! XD

This is a re-submission to my Witches of the seasons series. Originally submitted in June 2014 a little after the Summer Solstice hence the comment that she is late.

I am not too proud of this one. I had lots of trouble with it and thanks to suggestions I managed to get it done. I am resubmitting it as it was to respect the readers that like it as is. In hindsight, it's not as bad as I originally accessed. I included her helping the girl to round her out since I gave her a bit of an attitude, but it does seem natural and less forced like I thought. Either way share your thoughts in the comments! 


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