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I was asking for requests some time ago, but until further notice I will politely decline them unless its from someone I know.
(this is a sequel to this story of mine, Masks manymasksmanyfaces.deviantart.…)

Dark clouds started to fill the sky. Ciara and Alexa walked down the street umbrellas slung under their arms in case rain fell. Alexa wore a white blouse with tie strings out front and a purple felt skirt that reached to her ankles that matched her master’s colors. She also wore brown boots that she wore in the shop to help protect her feet and they were more comfortable on the cobblestone than bare feet by a long shot. They covered her ankles which Ciara insisted she would explain when Alexa was older. It was far more feminine than she ever imagined wearing in her past life, but that was then this is now.

The mask maker apprentice wore her first mask she made. Well, technically she helped t make it but her master Ciara let her keep it. Her first mask, a oval mask that Ciara helped design and paint, with a design of a smiling yellow sun design with the rest a pristine blue sky. While she did not want to say it aloud, the mask filled Alexa with pride. She made something for once instead of taking it. Sure, she had help, but it’s the principle of the matter.

Ciara herself wore a lavender robe with a long sash. She also wore a mask of her own design. Presently, it was a purple cap on her head with floppy bunny ears, but if she were to pull it forward it was a hood that covered her face to just above her mouth and had cute eyes to go with the ears. An entertainer commissioned it, and Ciara wanted to test it out first.

The pair avoided the crowded streets and took a side street laden with shops which raised Alexa’s curiosity. She asked, “Where are we going?”

“A blacksmith whose metal works I prefer.” Ciara replied. “I need new tools to bring my masks to life and I will share with you so you can make more. We can go twice as fast! And we don’t need to alternate.”

“Ah, alright.” Alexa grinned softly.

As they walked down the string of shops stacked together like books on a shelf, Ciara’s energy deflated. The normally exuberant mask maker became more reserved which confused Alexa. As they approached the blacksmith shop at the end of the street, she heard voices through the open door. She heard one person with lively chatting, a familiar voice from an urchin from her past life.  She recognized the voice and the face, but not the urchin’s name. The urchin was by a shopkeeper who had a large forge hammer in one hand resting on her its handle like a cane. The urchin talked her ear off until finally, the blacksmith, tired of hearing the urchin talk, bashed him with her hammer, “Git out o’ here! I need to concentrate ‘er somethin’. Tired of hearin’ ya talk.”

The urchin tumbled off less hurt and more dizzy. Ciara leaned close to Alexa “Emily is a bit of a shy one. The slightest tap on her shoulder and she smashes it with a hammer whether it’s a cockroach or an elephant! Not terribly diplomatic, but she has great talent at metallurgy assuming she goes a day without getting blasted off by her cannons.”

Ciara knocked on the open door t polity announce their presence "Emily, may I come in."
Emily patted a freshly forged cannon barrel ready for its wooden furnishings from the carpenters. The shop was full of metallurgy equipment, particularly the lit furnace, and forged metal laying or hanging around. Even the work desk was forged metal.

She looked up and took off her visor. Her fiery orange hair framed her young face. "Aye, come on in."

She took off her thick, metallurgy glove and pulled out a small box from a nearby desk. she produced a big, fat cigar from it. She used the fire from her furnace to lit it taking a few puffs before taking it out of her mouth

She groaned in pleasure, “Ah, that’s the ticket. Fucando didn’t cheat me o’ that one. Top o’ the mornin’ to ya’ Ciara! Been a wee bit since our last chat.”

“Greetings Emily." Ciara bows. "I need a new wood carving tools, you know like the last one. Sorry I’m not good with my vernacular with your trade.”

Emily took a long puff and waved dismissively. “Oh, no worries hun, tis a simple task compared to what these Johnny Soldiers want from me.” She tapped the ashes off her cigar. "Army has the guilds working overtime. Be a nice change of pace to make things that make masks.”

Ciara gave her a bright smile. "Indeed. Same for me. I need them for my new apprentice, Alexa."

Emily took a long puff form her cigar as she accessed Alexa silently. Alexa did the same.

Ciara laughed, “Oh you two will get along just fine!”

Emily shrugged, “I can get it done for you.”

Ciara grinned “Many thanks. I will have your mask and your payment for sure by then.”

Ciara bowed and departed. Alexa realized what she did and copied her half heartedly

Emily puffed on her cigar as they left bowing a smoke ring.

Once they were a considerable distance away and Alexa was certain Emily was hammering on her forge she looked to her master “That’s a strange character, where is she from?”

“She’s from an island, a bit of a ways away by sea. What did you think of Emily?” Ciara answered with a wizened voice.

Alexa mused. “She reminds me a bit of me. Soft spoken and shy.”

Ciara clapped as they turned onto the main street with more hustle and bustle at the food market. “I knew you would click! Despite her bravado, she is a shy bird like you. Now, let’s get some warm bread! And some lettuce, I want some salad.”
Alexa nodded as she looked from stall t stall for the best food. “I would too. And an apple, I love apples.”

And thus the pair went off and bought themselves a lovely dinner.
Alexa and Ciara meet Emily the Blacksmith
This was a request from :iconheavier-lobster: to use his character Emily the Blacksmith.  I saw it as a chance to try something out with my own characters as well. I doubt this will be received well since it does not contain my usual material but I wanted to try it out anyways. I should say I don't know a lot about metallurgy, so sorry if there is something wrong on that front. 

Been awhile since I did a journal. And, while my last questionnaire was a little... eh not a lot of people asked questions I figured I'd ask does anyone have questions for my characters in any of my stories?
Sheila followed the stagtaur ripping off most of her tattered clothing save for any that preserved the remains of modesty. Sure, her fur did not leave her completely naked but she could not bring herself to remove all of the tatters. Now she could focus and take the time to appreciate the finer details of her companion. His brown curls bushed under his antlers and flowed down his shoulders. His green eyes pierced like the arrows housed in his quiver.

"What is your name?" Sheila asked still not used to the small canine inflictions of yelps, yips, and growls to her voice.

"Some call me Cliff Jumper, and others Cliff for short." He answered.

Sheila found his answer a bit skeptical. "And that was always your name?"

"It is now." He answered firmly. "What's your name?"

"Sheila de Rowe Carpenter" She recited with conviction happy to remind herself.

He smiled, "So you are from a family of carpenters by a stream?"

"On my father's side, my mother's families are farmers." She answered unable to hide her reminiscence.

Cliff nodded, "A good trade."

Sheila opened up a little more, "I like to work with my hands, farming is too much waiting."

"Both have virtues." Cliff replied as mysterious as ever.

Sheila found it a bit strange that he did not object to this. "Aren’t you going to lecture me about how working with wood is not virtues because it cuts down trees?"

Cliff shrugged, "The beaver does it."

Sheila never thought of it that way. However, before she could carry on more conversation Cliff brought her to a massive tree with a round door carved into the side. He opened the door and lead her into a homely room dug under the root of the tree. It was a lovely place despite the dirt floor, clean and organized. There was a table in the middle and a bookshelf across from another door. She felt awkward in the room, and she wondered how Cliff had little trouble navigating the room with four legs. She sat at the table but fidgeted uncomfortably since she hat on her tail by accident.

Suddenly, another door opened and a man walked in hunched over. It became apparent as to why since his back was covered in large spines like a hedgehog! His body was covered in fur as well. He also had claws instead of fingers.

"Excuse me, mind the needles." The hedgehog man said as he passed by and adjusted the glasses on his snout. He went across the room to the bookshelf.

He tucked the book under his arm. "Greetings Cliff, oh and someone new. Hello, my name is Paul."

Paul's nose twitched as he sniffed the air, "We can arrange for a fresh pool for a bath Miss Wolf."

Sheila let out a low growl, "It's Sheila."

Paul gasped bashfully and bowed apology, "I'm sorry Ms Sheila. The offer still stands though."

Sheila smirked surprised at herself but happy with the results, "Thanks."

Cliff crossed his arms amused as well, "Paul, she just joined our ranks tonight."

Sheila cut in. "What's the point of all this? Why would spirits do this?"

Paul raised a finger glad to have an excuse to share knowledge. "Best I can figure, the forest spirits want some sort of intelligence protecting the natural world without forsaking nature itself. It’s only a theory mind you but that is the best I figure. Still looking into it though."

Sheila racked her brain as to why this was necessary. "Why have I not heard of this before?"

Paul adjusted his glasses again feeling clever about himself. "Aren't the best defenses secret ones?"

Sheila's mind reeled with questions she didn't know where to start. She got up and stumbled out of the hollow tree home in a state of disbelief. She looked to her hands, which still resembled the ferocious paws of a wolf.

Cliff came out behind her. “Sheila, are you alright?”

Sheila did not answer. Cliff drew up beside her. “I know that this is a difficult time, we are trying to help-”

Anger flooded her mind washing away other thoughts. She lunged out and ran on all fours driven by instinct more than reason. She heard Cliff call out to her, "Sheila!"

Sheila was too far gone to even bother to attempt a reply. She dodged trees and leapt over creeks. Her muscles ached and her lungs burned but her fury pushed her beyond her newfound limits. The movement surprised her with how natural it was and her blood pumped with adrenaline.  Finally, her weariness caught up with her. She stopped just in time to keep herself from falling into a river.

Free from the oppressive shadow of the trees, she sat down to catch her breath and watched the refection of the moonlight on the water. She lifted her eyes to see the stars. She saw all in the cloudless night and its infinite mysteries. She forgot she was nearly naked, more dog than herself, and lost in the woods. Despite the fog that clouded around her, a deep sense of peace fell over Sheila. Her more sensitive nose caught a whiff of the pleasant smells around her like never before. The music of the forests around her, the insects and animals, it all gave her a sense of peace that she had long forgotten.

A soft, musical voice whispered behind her, "I love night time."

She pivoted onto her paws growling at the intruder that shattered her tranquility. A woman stood behind her with a vacant stare towards the stars. She had green skin and a dress made of cherry blossom petals. Her viney hair had the same blossoms in bloom. Sheila was taken aback by the mysterious beauty's pale grey eyes and bare feet.

"Who… who are you? What are you?" the wolf stammered.

The woman glanced to her with a warm gaze. "I am what I need to be."

"Do you have a name?" Sheila asked.

The woman joined Sheila on the bank."I can't remember a name. Who I am depends on the seasons. I suppose now I am Spring."

Sheila nodded, "Mine is Sheila"

"Lovely name." Spring replied and crossed her arms over her legs.

Sheila sighed, "Thank you, I hate how it is with this ugly form now. You couldn't change anything can you?"

Spring shifted her gaze back to the stars. "Mmm, it would probably be nice to have a form to speak of from what I understand."

Sheila saw Spring did not cast a shadow. She reached out her paw and tried to touch her but it went through as though she were air.

"Are you a ghost?" Sheila whispered and hoped she avoided offence.

"I have never died." Spring replied as if relaying the weather.

Sheila looked down at herself, "So you are like me?"

Spring stood and crossed her arms and glanced across the river, "I don't know. I can't remember much. Is this me? Am I it? What does it matter? I am happy as I am."

"I don't want to be a horrid beast." Sheila growled involuntarily.

Spring glanced over to her with compassion."Why are you horrid?"

"I'm like a vicious wolf monster!" Sheila barked viciously and pounded the dirt with her fist. "At least you are beautiful."

The spirit shrugged, "I find wolves lovely."

Sheila growled, "Again, that's one of us."

The spirit rose. "I would like to talk again sometime."

Sheila lay down her exhaustion catching up with her, "If you'd like."

She heard a whisper in the wind and the spirit was gone. Sheila watched her cross then curled up in a ball in the grass too tired to give this surreal dream another thought. Maybe she would wake up in her bed the next morning and this nightmare would end.
Sheila walked slowly nervous and lost under the oppressive dark of the trees that night. An owl hooted in the distance, and closer things moved just out of sight.  She could barely see ahead under the dim moonlight. She stumbled forward cursing the lack of a lantern or magical lights as the low branches grabbed at her ratty clothes. No matter how much she rubbed her sides, she could not get warm. The plain girl sighed and kept walking hoping to make it to her village before she collapsed from exhaustion. If only she could…

Out of the corner of her eye she caught strange light. A blue illumination lit its surroundings like fire. She crept towards it and saw an ethereal wolf! It was monstrous in size and body blazed in blue flame. It lay alone resting on its side. The girl stared at it for a moment awestruck by its mysterious beauty.

Suddenly, the wolf’s head rose and its head and ears slowly searched for what observed it. It clearly had nothing to fear. Sheila froze like spotted prey. She didn’t even dare to breathe. For what felt like hours the wolf gazed around until it lay down again. The girl let out a small sigh and dared to move again. However, the moment she moved she snapped a branch underfoot. The wolf’s head shot up again this time staring through the darkness right into her eyes.

The girl ran away as fast as she could bumping into god only knows what as she heard the soft patter of the paws chasing her. She didn’t have time to wonder if it would pounce onto her then rip her throat out or some other twisted way to kill her before she felt a hot force slam against her back!

It spread like a wildfire within Sheila unexpectedly. She fell onto her hands and knees unable to stand. Her own power became ashes under the fire. Her muscle mass expanded ripping her clothing to pieces. However, she did not freeze as the blaze coated her with thick pelt of brown fur. She felt like she was having terrible cramps in her hands and feet. She watched her right hand extend into clawed paws.

She panted and yelped when the fire blazed brighter at her head. She closed her eyes and placed her head against the dirt as the force that altered her tugged at her jaw, her teeth, and her ears. She could now see much sharper and hear better than she ever imagined.

Finally, the flame burned out leaving her curled up and scared. She examined her hands and while she kept her thumbs they looked more like the paws of a beast than the ones she was familiar with. She… was… a monster! She had to be indistinguishable from a ferocious beast! There was no way her family could recognize her now. Tears came to her eyes. Could a monster cry?

Her new ears flicked when she heard soft footfalls too soft for a biped. She turned around fast and saw a sight just as strange as the wolf that cursed her to this form, a man with the lower half of an elk and mighty antlers growing out of his head. A bow and quiver rested on his strong shoulders as did his long, wild hair.

“What are you?!” The wolf girl grunted trying to dry her tears, “What happened to me?”

“Both valid questions I asked when I was in your position to the one in mine.” He said shifting his bow.

Sheila growled, “I want answers.”

“I know.” He replied calmly, “I will give them to you but only civilly is there human under that pelt?

“Yes!” She barked as she sat down awkwardly trying to adjust to her new form, “Now answer please what am I? A monster?”

He crossed his arms sighing in lament. “Essentially, a spirit animal of the forest chose you to be its vessel. It is an honor-“

“Honor?”  The wolf girl barked furious, “It is a curse!”

He shook his head his mouth shifting into a smile, “Aye so I thought myself once but I can help to mend your spirit like my mentor did before me.”

She stood up and growled, “I don’t want your help.”

He took a few steps back but never turned on her nor made defensive moves keeping himself open for dialogue, “You can’t contain the beast alone don’t be something you fear because of it.”

Sheila calmed down and relaxed at those words, “No tricks. I did not want this.”

He nodded emphatically, “Neither did I nor those before or those that will follow us. Come with me, I want to show you something.”
Spirit Animals
This is a collaboration between me and SassyDragon18. It's the first part in an unfolding series that I might tie into some other stories. In any case, here it is as an experiment in classic high fantasy. 

part 2: Spirit Animals part 2


A word is worth 1000 pictures
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I was asking for requests some time ago, but until further notice I will politely decline them unless its from someone I know.

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