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Arin the Genie Chapter 7 Carnival Part 2

Arin opened her eyes to see the bright day. She stretched a bit feeling stiff and lightheaded from being a plush cushion. They were in an alley, and she could hear the low roar of a celebration not too far from where they stood. She stuck her head out to see a crowded main street with lively music filling the air. This must be Cologne. The buildings all seemed relatively post-modern than she expected with a few exceptions like the old cathedral and an archway that a parade passed through. Before she could investigate further, she heard moaning behind her. The genie turned to see Max rising from behind a dumpster. He rubbed his head. “Ow… she dropped me on the dumpster on purpose? She teleported us so quick.”

“You okay?” Arin asked helping him up.

She noticed Max was snickering. She put her hand on her hip, “What’s funny? Is there something wrong with my face?”

Max poofed a mirror for her to see herself, Arin got a good look at herself and her face flushed fiercely. Her usual genie clothes were replaced by thicker, wool clothes styled after the cushion she was before. She poofed her genie clothes back to normal her face flushed with embarrassment that she didn’t notice until now, “Quiet you.”

“Of course,” He said, “It wasn’t that funny.”

Arin’s scowl changed into a smile. “So what’s our next move?”

Max winked, "We dress up. I vote cowboy.”

Arin crossed her arms confused and wondering if she should be offended, “Why cowboy?”

“So what, I like cowboys. It’s a popular costume in Germany, and did you really expect me to suggest something like lederhosen?” Max explained.

Arin was not convinced, “Well isn’t wearing a cowboy outfit for me like you wearing lederhosen? Stereotypical and such like that.”

“Just trust me on this.” Max replied confidently. “I follow your lead at your home, and you follow mine at mine. Sprichst du Deutsch?”

“Um… no… Cowboys it is then!” Arin acknowledged his point, “Eh, what the hell I haven’t dressed up like a Cowgirl since like my fifth birthday!”

Both genies then poofed clothes on themselves that fit their idea of cowboys. Romanization aside they both looked great! Max went for a dark brown Stetson, a duster, blue jeans and a leather vest. He did a mock Clint Eastwood steely stare and nailed it. Arin blinked herself into a long leather skirt a white, shoulderfree blouse and a leather vest. Of course, she wore a Stetson hat too. Both let their ears show but the costumes made them more excusable.
“Let's paint faces. It's custom for German carnival.” Max proposed and he magically summoned a paint brush, “This brush changes color to whatever the holder wants.” He painted Arin’s cheeks with a red flames, then passed it to her so she could paint his face. Since Arin remembered Max was a fan of the Borussia Dortmund soccer club, she painted a BVB logo on one cheek and a bee on the other; then, they stepped out into the street with the other partiers.

The big carnival parade was going on. A group of Funkenmariechen majorettes, who reminded Arin of Cheerleaders, marched down the street somersaulting and tossing each other into the air. They were followed by marching bands and by many colorful floats. Some of them were silly and others political satire. Costumed people threw candy from other floats,. To Arin, this was a whole new experience and she liked it. It reminded her of  Halloween.

"Wanna have a Kräbbel?" Max asked.

"What's a Kräbbel?" Ari asked.

Max grinned, "It's a tasty pastry, a bit like your donuts. But filled with jam."

"Sounds delicious! I'll try one."

Max blinked and two Kräbble appeared in his hands. He passed one to Arin. It tasted great. She gazed across the crowd amazed at the colorful costumes. There was one that was like an old hag with a wooden mask that scared her!

“That’s a Hexen costume,” Max explained pulling her away, “from Alemannische Fasnet in south Germany.”

“You know this place well?” Arin inquired putting her arm in his.

He kept up his cool cowboy persona. “I came here a lot when I was younger. I’m from the Ruhr district, where we are now.”

Arin took the part of a fun seeking cowgirl, “You know of any fun places to go?”

Max winked locking arms with her, “Sure!

Max took her towards a nightclub.“I barely recognize this place! It’s fun though. We shouldn’t forget our mission. Maybe our target is in here?”

Arin nodded. “We can start here and work our way through the city. We can poof around if we have to.”

A DJ played a mix of current pop songs, like Bruno Mars or Katy Perry and more modernized versions of German carnival songs, like "Die Karawane zieht weiter, der Sultan hat Durst."

She leaned close to shout into his ear “I can’t believe we are like secret agents or something!”

Max smiled and leaned close to whisper into hers, “Wanna dance?”

She nodded and they ventured out onto the dance floor and danced to the upbeat songs. Arin cannot remember the last time she had this much fun dancing like this! After losing themselves on the dance floor, they went aside to take a break. Max volunteered to get them water. While Arin stood against the wall alone she saw some suspicious characters pass her.

At the lead was an Arabian man with a slick suit and cane, he carried a gentlemanly demeanor. Following behind him were two women both petite and lithe. The first looked like she was dressed as a veiled Oryental dancer for carnival but Arin noted the manacles around her wrists, possibly marking her as a bound genie. Her long raven hair covered the tell tale sign of her pointed ears.

There was another with a cloth Columbina mask and stage white make up covering her face. The lavender clad harlequin woman moved with the grace of an acrobat. Arin suspected she was a bound genie as well as evidenced by the gold bangles she wore. Suit wearing body guards flanked the elaborately dressed women. They reached the curved stairs to the VIP lounge. The leader showed his pass and the employee let him in. The Arabian cast a glance to Arin and the genie diverted her gaze trying to look less suspicious.

Arin lead Max over to the side where the music blared less. “I think that’s our guy, Abdullah Al'Hazred.”

Max caught a glimpse before he went upstairs, “You sure?”

Arin nodded, “About 99%. I think those girls with him are genies.”

Max tugged down on the brim of his hat, “Alright, well how can we get in there? Do we teleport or do we sneak in? We could-”

Suddenly, the Oryantal dancer returned and glanced to Arin her face covered by a veil, but her eyes full of desperation. “Please, you must help me! Another genie and me are being held by an evil man who wants to capture genies and sells them.”

Max comforted Afet. “There’s your 1%”

The dancer grasped Max's arms desperately. “Please help me, my name is Afet and I want to be free of him.”

Max gave her the steely stare of a movie cowboy like he wanted to his whole life. "Lead the way."

Arin did not jump so eagerly to the damsel’s side. “Wait, how are you here telling us this? I doubt if he was as controlling as you claim that he would allow you off on your own.”

Afet bowed her head. “I made a clone from shadow and slipped away. I know you have to be drifter genies so please help your fellow djinn.”

Arin smiled with vindication that her trick had some use. The two drifters followed the bound genie. However, questions still rang in Arin’s mind. So, she extended her magic into her shadow but kept it on the ground for now. She took them upstairs. When the guard for the stairs saw her, he let the group pass. "Okay so what's the plan?"

"He's been drinking.” Afet explained, “That's how I got away so easily. We'll sneak in and take him down. The room is soundproof so we can get away with it."

They opened the door into the room ready to go. The circular soundproof room was large enough to fit all of them comfortably and had a fan to keep it from heating up. However, Abdullah Al'Hazred sat with a smirk without a single drink near him. His harlequin genie stood behind him massaging his shoulders. His guards flanked him holding He had a briefcase beside his chair. Al'Hazred clapped, “Good work Afet, now capture them.”

The dancer Afet surprised Max and pushed him into the wall with practiced speed. He slammed into it face first grunting in pain. The dancer pinned his arm behind him. However, Max changed into smoke and reformed behind her. He pinned her arm behind her. A yellow glow emanated around him with as he used his powers to keep hers contained.One of the guards clenched his fists in anger seeing Afet caught but he remained at his boss’s side as Arin gathered her hands together and formed a ball of genie magic.

Arin fired it at the jester, but she just tilted and avoided it. She then fired her own. Arin strafed and fired again. The jester leaned back to avoid it and countered with her own. Arin rolled out of the way and managed to rise up readjusting her hat. She fired another blast. The Harlequin flipped aside while the blast flew past her and hit one of the guards. The guard compressed as his body became redder until he plopped down a plush pillow onto the ground. Arin sighed in relief at one less obstacle between her and her goal. He was just in the way. However, she recalled memories of her time in his position and felt remorseful. Al'Hazred and the other guard balked. The jester laughed, “Ha! Nice.”

Arin fired another magical blasted at Al'Hazred now that she had a bigger opening. The last body guard dove aside afraid of the fate of standing in the way like his now plush colleague. Just before the magic hit him, Al'Hazred held out his fist with a shiny ring and that dissipated the magic when it hit. The ring countered genie magic! The guard got up relieved.

The harlequin leaped over Al'Hazred and somersaulted to Arin before the cowgirl could charge another blast. The harlequin delivered a powerful kick knocking Arin down. Arin barely managed to hold onto her hat as she fell to the floor. Arin fired another blast of magic up at the jester above her, but the jester leaned back to avoid it and countered with her own. Arin rolled out of the way and managed to rise up readjusting her hat. She fired another blast. The Harlequin flipped aside while the blast flew past her and hit the ceiling.

The other guard charged Max when he saw the opening and events were turning against them. Max directed his aura at the guard making him fall into a deep sleep. That split second allowed Afet to poof into smoke and slip out of Max’s aura. She reappeared and tossed a ball of magic at the Rheinlander genie point blank. Max’s outfit changed to his out harem outfit plus a veil and Afet returned the favor by locking Max in her aura. He was forced to copy her pose, and when she danced Max was forced to follow her movements like a puppet. Music magically filled the air. It drowned out Max’s grunts muffled by the veil.

“Good work Afet,” Alhazred said, “Now, just one more to deal with!”

With everyone else fighting incapacitated save for herself, the jester, and Al'Hazred who watched the struggles like a Roman emperor.

Arin panted, tired from the fight but she maintained her focus on her opponent. The harlequin mimed yawning. She was mocking the red headed genie! Arin’s rage boiled her hair rising like flames. Sparks crackled around her. The Jester stared curiously. Arin held out her hands separately and changed magic in each, “I’m done playing games!”

The Harlequin balanced on one leg and leaned forward. She winked at Arin, “I’m not!”

Arin threw each ball of magic at her opponent! The harlequin somersaulted behind the Arabian’s chair. The jester holds her panicking master firmly keeping him still. She reached down to his hand and swiped his ring before he could react. Arin saw this and let loose her magic focusing it at Alhazred.

Without his ring, the magic engulfed the Arabian man. The jester pushing him out of the chair giving him room as his body changed. Fur covered his body. His form grew longer and thinner as his clothes vanished revealing a fluffy tail. His face stretched forward into a muzzle his ears growing longer and his nose into a wet canine one. Arin changed him into a Saluki dog! The new dog howled and cowered tail between its legs and its paws over its face trying to hide. The Harlequin poofed a playing card suite decorated leash around his neck, “Nice!”

As soon as Alhazred became a dog, Afet changed into smoke and floated into the suitcase. This freed Max from her aura and he ripped off the veil understandably angry. He snapped restoring his cowboy attire. Arin remained ready to fight. However, the jester held up a hand then gave Alhazred’s leash to Arin, “I did not think of making him a dog. I am done fighting. Thanks for getting him. Trust me, I have no love for him.”

The jester genie twirled the anti-magic ring in her fingers genie and went over to the guard turned pillow. “Same with him. Well, guess he’s yours now.” She tossed the pillow to Arin who caught it with her free hand and cradled him in her arm. Now that this affair was over, she should restore him. She was too drained to do it now though. Next chance she got, she would turn him back to normal. Max stormed over to the suitcase and opened it revealing an incense bottle and a Venetian wine bottle. He took out the wine bottle and held it out to the jester. “Yours I presume.”

She nodded and took it, “Thank you! These bracelets are a fashion statement, I am a drifter as well but I needed to fool Alhazred.”

“Huh, Clever.” Arin commented.

Max held up the incense bottle, “What do we do with her?”

The jester took it as well and waltzed over to the sleeping guard. “I don’t know if you noticed, but I know these two are having a cute connection. Shall we leave them to it?”

Arin hesitated then nodded, “Yes, give them a chance to work without someone baring over them.”

Max sighed a bit sad to see Afet go unpunished after what she did, “Fine, do it. Whom am I to get in the way of that. She didn’t seem to like Alhzared really she just had to follow orders.

The jester giggled, “This could be fun!”

The harlequin then turned to the other genies again. They looked to the harlequin nervous and she giggled before speaking with a flourishing bow, “Lucrezia at your service.”

Max looked to her suspiciously, “Like Lucrezia Borgia?”

“Just kidding!” She chortled, “Antonietta is my name! Who sent you here?”

“We sent ourselves.” Arin replied coolly, “Who wants to know?”

Antonietta giggled and poofed some balls to juggle. “Oh, don’t worry silly I won’t tell no one. I promise.”

Arin nodded, “We are drifters as well, Alhazred pissed off the wrong people. How about you let us take our dog and we’ll let you be on your way.”

The harlequin nodded as she stood up on him merging all of the balls into one and bowed. “Go ahead, I’ll clean up around here.”

Arin shrugged, “Sure. We won’t tell anyone we saw you here.”

“I like you!” The jester genie giggled as she poofed a card into her gloved hand and tossed it to the two. It drifted lazily to Max who easily caught it.. Arin glanced to see the Joker card had her likeness on it. It looked like a pass she used to pass to the genie realm, or maybe it would take her to this Antonietta?

“My card, for free” She said her mask seeming to grin wider than before, “I hope we meet again.”

Arin tugged on Alhazred’s leash gently prompting it the dog stand and moved the guard cushion under her arm, “I say we go somewhere quiet.”

Max gave an exhausted smile, “I know the perfect place.”

He had one last teleport in him and brought them to the Rheinwiesen, a meadow on the banks of Rhine River. The cowboy genie laid down exhausted, “I’ve had enough of dancing for the rest of my life.”

Arin sat up on the cushion one knee folded against herself and the other knee against the ground. She petted the whining Saluki dog between his ears. The dog calmed down and its tail wagged with increasing speed. She removed his leash but then closed her fist forming a red collar around his neck and in her fist sat a matching bar. An unseen tether tied the collar to the bar. Alhzared the dog discovered that he could go as he pleased but he felt any pull from Arin like a fish on a hook.

She let the dog run around nearby. “I don’t blame you.”

Max folded his arms behind him and relaxed. “You have an affinity for transformation.”

Arin sighed, “Seems like I do.”

Max glanced over to her, “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Arin shrugged, “I suppose I was tired of life being unchangeable as a human. As a genie, I can determine my fate. An obstacle comes into my way? I can make it disappear. Life as a human was defined by limits. As a genie, I can break them. Or, in our case, change them for the better.”

Max nodded, “I understand. It’s easy to get lost in your own power. Just don’t forget what they say about absolute power.”

Arin nodded laying down too resting her head on the pillow, “Arin sighed, “Yes. Well, I suppose we will go to Genie Realm and deliver Alhazred?”

Max twisted over facing her and when the dog came back to them laying down between them. He pet the dog’s neck, “There’s nothing I want more right now."
Arin the Genie Chapter 7 Carnival Part 2
:iconhippo2: is a saint for his help editing this and the prior chapter and also drawing the preview image for this and the prior chapter. So much credit goes to him especially his patience as I wrote the fight scene. He helped inspire me and persevere though the rough times. I did enjoy making this chapter it was a welcome challenge. I think I might try shorter installments in the future XD

In any case, comment and fav and please most importantly enjoy. I sure did! ^^

original pic: Request: Carneval with Arin and Maxby hippo2

First three comments get a wish granted by Arin.  ;3

Arin the Genie Part 1, Origin Story

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Arin the Genie Chapter 6, Carnival part 1

Arin the Genie Chapter 7 Carnival Part 2

Arin the Genie Chapter 6, Carnival part 1

Arin and Max played Mario Kart 8 in her bottle enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon working hard to procrastinate since she started school again. Completing the fall semester despite being a freakin’ genie trapped in a freakin’ bottle was a challenge. She overcame it though. Now that she trudged through the spring semester, Arin was grateful to have Max to talk to but he didn’t want to leave Mary alone in the bottle too long so Arin visited them often. The two made their bottle half castle, half penthouse! They would have some fun gamer sessions in her bottle and she visited his bottle occasionally. Max almost always had on his Borussia Dortmund soccer jersey. When she asked about it’s mascot, he said it was a bee giving Arin a good laugh.

The German genie’s jaw fell in shock when Arin hit his cart with a red shell before he could cross the finish line. Arin cried out in joy as she passed him to win.

“Ugh,” Max groaned, “I thought I had you that time.”

Arin beamed and then stretched her arms behind her head, “You made me work for it, but I gotcha in the end. Rematch?”

Max rubbed his forehead smiling from the fun despite his frustration. “Let’s take a break. Mind if we go to a coffee shop? Please say there is something other than Starbucks.”

Arin nodded, “I’m a tea drinker myself. I know of a place we can go.”

They became smoke and rematerialized outside of the bottle into her tiny bedroom in a new off campus apartment. They went out into the apartment common room between the bedrooms and saw her roommate Mela studying in the kitchen. Mela was the girl that Arin herself created from the old iPhone during Ashta’s Halloween havoc. Arin was happy to find that Owen and Mela became her next masters after she became a drifter genie, probably due to one of Ashta’s plots, so Owen still had two wishes since Mela’s creation was the first. He opted to save his wishes and let Mela take possession. She made two wishes with the other’s guidence. She wished she had everything she needed to live in the United States and to attend the university as a freshman. Mela lost any phone functionalities (not a bad thing, imagine receiving calls and texts as a person), but she was a quick study particularly in technology so she fit into academia well. However, since she was literally less than a year old, the orange haired genie felt responsible for the girl and helped her in any ways she could.

After a good deal of explaining why someone needed to have a variety of clothes, Arin helped the newly minted person get a wardrobe of clothing. Although, Mela still had her “birthday shirt” styled after an iPhone. She wore a white shirt and pajamas with a Mac logo sticker. She sat in the living room and watched Disney’s Aladdin on Netflix while she worked on math homework.
Arin smiled poofing herself clothes that would help in the cold February weather: a red jacket, a khaki pants tucked into black boots and a blue scarf around her neck cut off at her knees. “Is Owen here?”

“Nope,” She replied, unfazed by the causal display of magic, “he went to get food for the board game party tonight.”

Arin laughed, “Me and Max are going to Café Einstein. Want anything?”

“A strawberry smoothie please.” She answered enthusiastically.

Arin nodded beaming, “I’d be glad to.”

The two genies left for the Café. After waiting a long line for the college students sacrificed their souls to the altar of Coffee later; Arin and Max were on their way home. Max was holding a Latte Macchiato for himself while Arin was carrying raspberry tea and the strawberry smoothie for Mela. Arin had a new found appreciation for the cult of coffee. Now that she could leave her bottle at will as a drifter genie, she noticed that Sasi’s words rung true that it didn’t last forever.
Her bottle left helpful little reminders that she was still tethered to it. She discovered the joy that she automatically return to it after a certain amount of time that she could not sleep outside of her bottle. Even if she dozed off outside of the bottle for just a second, she woke up on her island within it. Caffeine became her new god to stay out of her bottle as long as possible, but at least she got a lot of practice becoming smoke and reforming. It was still another inconvenient frustration every, single, time she slept. Her problems were relative though since she could literally teleport across campus when she felt like it.

Arin sipped in her tea as they walked. “I still can’t believe I made Mela you know? Like making something like a phone into a living thing.”

Max shrugged putting a hand in his pocket as he drank as well. “Should we though? I mean… the morality of it is not simple from my experience.”

Arin giggled, “Going all Kant on me all of the sudden?”

Max smiled, “Well, do you often think about the morality of our abilities?”

Arin stroked her chin. “We can do a lot of things, but obviously we have to be careful of the consequences. Sasi may not be supervisor over us like when we were bound but I think that she still keeps an eye on us to make sure we are following the rules.”

Max shook his head. "That's not what I meant. The genie rules are one thing. But don't you think we should use our powers responsibly?"

Arin remembered the time she did not use her power responsibly someone ended up as a monkey, but she did not feel comfortable mentioning Ben now even to Max. "I agree. But what if someone makes you angry? What do you do?"

"I know how tempting it is to hit them with all your power.” Max answered his voice full of sincerity. “Maybe transform them for good. But that's not the right way..."

He paused for a moment. "We might use our powers to teach them a lesson, but we have to remember there can be serious consequences for ourselves, humans, and other genies. This is why I follow the rules. They are there to keep us from causing disasters with our powers."

Arin sipped on her tea. "True, permanent transformation would be a cruel punishment. We are not judges after all."

"Right, if the change breaks the rules then don’t do it.” Max sipped from his coffee as well.

“Although, there are some evil people who deserve a permanent transformation and I wouldn't mind giving them a new form to reward their careless wish. I should be careful though."

Arin mulled over the thought swirling her drink, "But, there are consequences to that. Like what if we trap them in a new form and it ruins their lives and they do something drastic because they can't be changed back?"

"I'm not talking about scorned lovers here,” Max replied, “I'm talking about murderers or kidnappers or worse. The world might be better off without those people. And for your worries about the doing something drastic, their mind adapts to their new form and they will think like a rabbit or frog or whatever you turn them into over time so they can adapt to the new body."

Arin giggled at the thought of what Ben thought when he was a monkey, poo flinging trajectories?  They made it to her apartment door. "Here we are."

Arin teleported her key from her pocket into the door and unlocked it. They walked inside and Max closed the door while Arin passed the smoothie to Mela who now enjoyed Adventure Time humming along to the theme song.

"Thanks a lot, Arin!” She cheered as she took it.

Arin and Max sat down on the sofa ready to enjoy their drinks and talk more when, suddenly, blue smoke bellowed out of her bottle. The smoke enveloped them before they could react and pulled them into the bottle. Arin and Max rematerialized dizzy from the surprise and heard laughter. Arin refocused to see Sasi float in midair before them. She eyed her clipboard, “Greetings. Mistress Ashta has an assignment for you.”

Arin frowned angry at the interruption but at the same time she remembered the last time she lashed out at the supervisor. Surely though now that Arin was a drifter she did not have to be cowed by Sasi. The orange haired genie sighed, “Can it wait? We were in the middle of-.”

Sasi interrupted Arin with a blast of magic. The snappy young genie’s words got caught in her throat as her form compressed. Her body changed to entirely red and puffy until she was a cushion. Max managed to save Arin’s drink with his own magic teleporting it to his hand before it hit the ground. He was shocked, he never saw Sasi do something like that. He held his tongue though worried about what she would do to him if he talked back as well. Pillow Arin plopped on the sand of her island unceremoniously. She squirmed a bit but little else.

Sasi floated to the newly made cushion and landed on top. She shifted until she was comfortable then she laid her eyes on Max who gulped, “You two will go to Cologne, Germany.”

“Cologne! Nice! Carnival is going on!” Max beamed for a moment forgetting about his friend under Sasi’s bum excited at the prospect of returning home.

Sasi read off her clipboard. “There you will find Abdullah Al'Hazred in a place that is familiar to you. We call him the lamp thief. He steals genies around the world and sells them to bidders. We cannot allow this to go any further lest it brew chaos. The council wants him stopped and Ashta volunteered to send her people to solve it, namely you.”

Max cleared his throat. “How do you know about this?”  

Sasi winked as she tapped her clipboard with her finger nails. “We have our ways. Get to him and capture him. I’ll do the rest.”

“Hey,” Max began but then carefully choosing his words considering Arin’s fate, “why don’t you go get him?”

“Because that’s not in my duties,” Sasi snapped back playfully, “Besides, I don’t have to prove anything to my mistress. You two on the other hand.” She patted the cushion underneath her, “have to prove your worth.”

Max nodded, “Okay, well we’ll get on it.”

Sasi’s smirk widened and she twirled her fingers creating a sparkling blue smoke ring from her fingertips, “Yes, starting now.”

The ring grew encircling them in smoke. Max had to cover his eyes and all went black.
Hey everyone!

I apologize for my lack of submissions early 2015. Trust me I am working on several things at the moment ^^

I hate to be more vague, because some things will be a surprise

How is everyone?

How many people know about the anime Yu Yu Hakusho and the video game Mortal Kombat?
New Arin chapter coming soon, and Dorm Room Dolls will be done this spring. Also, the little mermaid 

All I can say is prepare for randomness as usual gang. XD


Now that it's pretty much confirmed that the Zelda tv show with netflix is not likely a hoax, here are my thoughts on it. I would have liked to make it into an article or something, but it’s too short and generic.

Many fans dream for movies of their favorite properties into movies. The Hollywood Blue Fairy takes some to the ball and leaves others in the tower. Some adaptations define a generation, others can kill genres. TV is similarly fickle with fluxes of success dependant on everything from production schedules to timeslots. Promotional Direct to DVD movies are common, and they also vary in quality.

Video games have unique challenges from adapting other media. It’s not that video game shows are always unsuccessful. The Pokemon anime is one of the most successful animated shows ever. Live action shows become more of a mixed bag usually relegated to shorts. However, of all franchises to take the step into prominence, I think that Zelda is the one to do it. Nintendo is the only one who has such renowned, beloved and marketable characters outside of Sonic. They just shield their properties more than Sega.

Apparently, Netflix is selling Zelda as a family friendly Game of Thrones. Few pros and a few cons with this and I find this comparison faulty in a few ways. Sure Game of Thrones is known for complex characters making consequential decisions. This is something to emulate.  The unrealistically sexy medieval naughtiness is also something to emulate, but they aren’t going to (dang).

I for one am happy to hear the news. I am disappointed it is not animated because of the freedom it offers, but I hope that Nintendo shelters its license but does not back out. Video game TV shows often end up as cult classics at best and an abomination onto existence at worst. Maybe this could lead to another boon of Wii U sales and hopefully a renaissance of Video game TV shows. Maybe that will get people to stop demanding more video game movies that will likely disappoint like in the past.


On a crisp spring morning, Arin went out to the park at her college because her boyfriend Ben wanted to meet her there. Arin happened to have a lull moment in her procrastination, and she knew that Ben was not rehearsing today for the play he was in. They met at the usual place, a wooden bench that was perfectly situated by a lake on campus. It as secluded as it got, and the traffic to and from classes died down since it was late afternoon.

Arin was feeling rather chipper, so she wore a crimson blouse that complimented her short fiery orange hair. She let her hair get frizzy because it was so short that it was low maintenance but she could still make it work. A pair of blue jeans and sandals finished the ensemble.  

She saw Ben sitting on the bench already holding a brown sack with that look of hiding something he could not wait to show. He was wearing a camo t-shirt he bought online that said "No camping" and had a picture of two stick figures, one backstabbing a sniper. The brunette young man wore khaki shorts and had a soul patch on his chin for a musical he participated in.

Ben waved with his free hand, "Hey Friz!"

"Hey Apollo!" Arin shot back stopping beside the bench, "How was practice?"

Ben grinned stroking his soul patch, "Great, I'm ready for my breakout role as surfer #2."

Arin hugged him, "Hey, Johnny Depp was in Platoon. Look at where he is now."

Ben was taken aback, "He was?"

Arin nodded going around behind the bench and placed her hands upon his shoulders as she leaned over him, "So, what's in the package?"

Ben smiled as he pulled out some weird wide-based lava lamp from the bag, "Guess what it is? You'll never guess."

There was nothing inside of it, and other than being what looked like glass and black plastic it looked completely mundane. Arin took it and moved in front of the bench as she examined it looking for some sort of trick.

"Why don't you open it?" Ben suggested.

Arin looked to him with a grin, "There's nothing inside silly!"

Ben returned her smile, "Not yet, you have to put something inside."

Arin shrugged and opened it to humor him, what she had not counted on her hands suddenly turning into red smoke. Before she could even squeak in shock, the bottle started to suck her in bit by bit as more of her changed. The opened bottle fell onto the bench as more of Arin sublimated into smoke and was sucked into the bottle. The cap of the bottle then was pulled back onto the top by an unseen force sealing Arin inside. All went dark.


When Arin opened her eyes, her head was spinning but she was comfortable like she was laying on one of that Temper-Pedic mattresses. She was sleeping on a cloud that really she did not want to get off since she felt like she just came out of a blender. She moaned as she rubbed her head, "What just happened?"

Arin awoke in her dorm room on her bed. Her assigned roommate never showed up, so she took up the entire room. She combined both twin beds together as well as making the desks and closets her own. The poster of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow was on the wall where it was supposed to be. Also, her large mirror was nestled in its corner.

Memories of what happened flood back to her and she shot up. She rushed over to the mirror to examine herself. She was all there thankfully. She threw herself off the bed and examined herself closer in the mirror. She noticed two things that were different externally and internally.

Externally, the red smoke gave her quite a drastic change of clothes that gave her a sinking feeling. Her shirt disappeared without a trace leaving only a satin red bra that wrapped around her back only by the thinnest of strands. The sliver bands that held up the satin material hugged her form surprising her because really it did not feel like metal against her skin. Neither that nor the bracelets around her upper arms or the jeweled choker around her neck felt like metal despite appearances. They felt comfortably warm. The shoes she wore were more divine than any other she ever wore in life. Each footfall was as if on soft sand.

Asides from the solid satin that enveloped her waist, the rest of her clothing was sheer fabric from the pants that ran to her ankles to a veil that covered her face from the bridge of her nose down. To top it all off, she had turquoise earrings in the shape of teardrops.

Arin ran her hands up and down the revealing clothing, "What... what happened?!"

Arin was stricken with a state of disbelief. She knew of genies in stories and Disney movies not real life! She tugged at the tight clothes, but there seemed to be no way to remove them short of scissors. All things considered, scissors probably would not work either. This just could not be real. Yet here she was staring at her hands that tingled with an electric power under the surface.

She then examined her 'dorm room' more closely, She examined her room closer. The textbooks on her desk were where as she remembered them, but when she opened each of them they were curiously blank. It was now that she noticed there was no doors or windows.

"I can't believe Ben!" Arin groaned as she placed the book down, "What did he do to me? I wish I knew what was going on."

As soon as the last syllable escaped her lips, a great wind blew through the room. All of the blank books in the room flew into the air and swirled around in a sparkling red tornado in front of her until they all compressed into three books.

Arin picked it out and sat back down again to examine them. The first was reminiscent of a college textbook and it was titled Genie Mechanics by Scheherazade. The second was a comic book titled Being a Genie. Finally, the last book was… Chicken Soup for the Genie's Soul? Arin shrugged her shoulders and started reading the comic since it was the shortest read.

After losing herself in the reading on wish granting and the dynamics of having a master, Arin suddenly felt another wind pick up. It looked like the roof of her dormroom pulled up and she groaned as her form shifted to formless red smoke again. She did know a bit more about this whole genie thing from reading so she had a greater degree of control over herself while she was smoke than she thought prior. She could "sense" the world around her, and was able to decide her landing. She stumbled a bit but managed to stay on her feet in front of the now standing Ben.

Ben looked disappointed, "I was hoping to see something cool when you were in there, but it just made it look like any other old lame lava lamp."

Arin raised her eyebrow trying to conceal her irritation, "And how long was I in there?"

"Only ten minutes hun, no big deal." Ben replied dismissively.

Arin at first thought this impossible. However, all things considered that was a the least odd thing that occurred recently. However, that did not change the fact that he forced her into this role against her will.

"No, not a big deal at all." She said with a hint of venom.

Ben rubbed his hands together, "Alright, time for some wishes! Are you ready?"

Arin shrugged halfheartedly. Although, his words brought a song to her head- Friends on the Other Side from Disney's Princess and the Frog. She had to work to suppress a smile from crossing her face that would make the Grinch proud.

She gave him a wink, "Wish away. I want to see what I can do."

Ben grinned, "There's the Arin I know!"

The new genie's mortal boyfriend pondered his wording carefully, "I wish I could be a better actor."

Arin drew upon her reading while in the lamp to put the wish into effect. While the book said that a genie had many ways to use their magic, Arin crossed her arms and blinked a la Barbara Eden. A bright orange-red glow enveloped Ben disintegrating his clothes. He shrank  and grew hairier. Her once boyfriend now stood before her a monkey staring at his new paws in shock shrieking.

Arin blinked again and a cage materialized around the shrieking monkey. She got up and bent down next to him. He grasped the bars shaking them with fury. Arin shrugged, "You wanted to be a better actor. So I figured monkey see, monkey do."

Monkey Ben rattled the cage in objection. Arin stood up crossing her arms, "Don't worry, I'll see to it that you reach a good home. It's the least I could do after you did this to me."

However, before Arin could taunt Ben more, she sublimated back into her bottle with a sigh since her master was unable to give her further commands. It served him right to only get one wish!

Arin laid down on her back upon the replication of her dorm room bed with the last hour weighing heavily on her mind. With a wave of her hand, she was on a small desert island with only her books, her bed, and a single palm tree for company. She used her hand to manipulate her lamp's sun into setting; then the sky in her bottle changed to the beautiful pinks and purples of sunset.  She now understood the words of the Genie from Disney's Aladdin, 'PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER, itty bitty living space.'

Playing with the magic in her bottle brightened her spirits a bit though. She probably should not have done that to Ben since she needed a master to be free, but did it feel good to pay him back after he tricked her into magical servitude! Maybe she could make something out of this genie thing. Freedom could come later. However, being a genie was an opportunity in life few could say that they had.

Arin rolled onto her belly and resumed reading her books. It may be some time before she gets another master, and she wanted to be as a prepared for it as if it was an exam.


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