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A Great Challenge! Tomaki encounters a strange new foe!

Based on the story by :icongabrielraven: The Tale of Tomaki…


Tomaki flies towards the city at top speed. He receives a text from Victoria that something urgent was going on downtown, chaos and destruction. Tomaki sighs as he flies to danger yet again alone. He feels the fighting stretching him thin.  He pushes further thoughts of the matter out of his mind to focus on the present. He could see the smoke billowing above buildings.


(FMAB  Pride… )


He lands and lays eyes on another warzone in the streets. Sirens blare, lights from emergency responder vehicles flash, and everything on the street has a gash. Memories flash back of the first night he went Super Sayian. Hopefully, he should not need to again but this was too large scale destruction for the gangs of the city. They push police around on a regular basis, but destruction like this brings in the Feds that can put a real hurt at the top because they have the resources to prosecute.

It did not take long for Tomaki to spot something that did not belong. An imposing figure stood in the middle of the street framed by the smoking cars. It was an inhuman monster the likes of which Tomaki never seen. As funny a thought as it is being an alien himself, this thing was not of this world. It stands a head over him and has a segmented body like an insect. A purple exoskeleton covered red stringy muscle underneath visible through the segments. However, the most unsettling feature it possesses is its heart shaped mask-like face without any visible mouth or nose. Large unnerving, unblinking bright orange eyes of those that look into them. Four spikes covers its long sides of its “face” and two crowning the crests of the arcs of the heart.

Its fingers ended with vicious animalistic claws and its toes had long talons and a spur. A bloodied police officer lay under its talons, and its whip-like tail which was covered in the same exoskeleton as the rest of it has another cop in its coil. Tomaki snarls one hand in his pocket and the other on his hip. He sweated as he tries to look calm and save the men, "Why don't you fight someone who can fight back? Let them go and I'll give you a challenge." 


(Imperfect Cell Theme… )


The monster scrapped his claws together idly its eyes transfixed on Tomaki. After several silent moments of standoff, the monster lifted its talon off one and dropped the one it had by the throat. When it spoke, its voice came out synthetic and shrill, like a faint static. However, it has the refinement of intelligence  that put it above a common thug or mindless mutant. "Good, I was just starting to get tired of these fleas."

They stumble trying to get away. In a blink, Majora kicks behind him without even looking. Both of the officers’ heads roll away from their limp bodies as the monster’s spur slices them off. Tomaki snarls but reins in his emotions. He knows that it is trying to antagonize him. He did see a glimpse of the monster's fighting style. It moves with the grace and balance of a savate fighter. A strange style considering its claws which he imagines are just as vicious, so he needed to watch for an attack from any angle. Tomaki holds back curious about what this thing is. "What are you..."

It bows and whips its tail theatrically, "They call me many things: demon, reaper, but I was given the name Majora. I am what you fear most." 

"Hardly,” Tomaki replies cracking his knuckles, "you don’t know a thing about me if you think I’m scared of a freak like you. I’ve seen uglier. You're here to fight me?"

Majora laughs, a feat made more intimidating for something with no mouth, "That's mighty presumptuous. Oh no, I'm out on a stroll. Care to join me?"

Tomaki can tell there is more to the story but does not bother prying, he would rather fight. He is at a loss on how to strike the monster. Its armor and being covered in spikes made it as easy to hit as a horned frog. He needs to keep his distance to avoid those claws.


(Vegeta Fights Freiza music…)


Tomaki surges forward hoping to catch his foe off guard. Majora stands like a statue as Tomaki kicks and Majora blocks with its arm. It swipes at the Sayian forcing Tomaki to shoot back to avoid its claws. Majora laughs, "I'll take that as a no. Well, if you must know I do have a purpose here. Kill the one known as Tomaki, how is my discretion. sever your head from your shoulders and make a human jack O lantern, or pull out your spine, or play surgeon and see how many organs can you lose and still live, or-"

Tomaki cut off its fantasies with a ki blast to its stomach, "You know, it's usually stupid to monologue in the middle of a fight."

Majora dusts off its stomach his claws scraping its armor. The blast barely leaves a scratch. "You know, it's usually rude to shoot someone mid-conversation. Just for that, I'm going to cut out your tongue, we'll see how many witty remarks you make-"

Tomaki moves to do a left kick this time.

"Not this again!" Majora goads as Tomaki came at it. Tomaki twists bouncing off his opponent and brings his right palm back. He then hits the unsuspecting monster; in the moment before he strikes he fires a ki blast into it. "Moon Javelin!"

The hit once again does not seem to neither affect its armor plating nor make it revile at strong internal damage like Tomaki is familiar with, but it knocks Majora off balance. Tomaki follows up with three successive punches and finally a flying kick square in its chest sending it through the glass window and into a column. Tomaki flies to the window to see the damage. Fortunately, they were alone. Majora rises and shows the attacks did not scratch its exoskeleton. "Sorry to say, it'll take more than that to crack my shell."


(Envy Revealed…)


Tomaki grunts and he rushes Majora again but this time jukes him darting to its left and leaping over the startled demon's tail. He then twists to his right charging a white ki blast in mid air and when he lands he fires it, "Shoten Ha!"

Majora raises its arms to block the blast too late and it launches the demon into the Macy's behind it through a window knocking over mannequins. Majora charges ki to his claw and swipes at the air. The multicolor energy slashes through the air. Tomaki barely manages to duck. The slash cuts the tips of his hair as it passes and slices through the broken window kicking up dust and severs the top of a car from the rest. 

Tomaki winces seeing the need to end this fight quick. Majora charges another blast with its claws. Tomaki heads right for it this time. This time he charges the ki blast in his palm ahead of time. Majora fires its claw slice again, and Tomaki shoots his palm forward, "Shoten Ha!"

The white blast fires from Tomaki's palm and collides with Majora's attack. The resulting explosion sends debris and smoke flying. Tomaki pulls back his left palm and uses the smokescreen to charge another blast. Majora shoots through the smoke like a panther ready to pounce with its big claws. Tomaki barely manages to fire the Shoten Ha into Majora's chest sending it flying into the air. It slams into the roof. However, before it could recover or fall Tomaki goes up after it elbow first knocking it through the roof.

Majora's tail wraps around Tomaki's arm and slings him into the roof with it as both fly into the air, for a moment the hover both slowing their decent to continue to fight. Tomaki punches at the monster's tail to get free barely blocking a killing blow as it kicks at him with its feet its talons inches from him. Sweating for exertion and desperation, Tomaki uses another Moon Javelin against the tail and the force of it makes it release him. He falls to the ground and does back handsprings to gain distance.

 Majora dives talons first like a javelin at him. Tomaki dodges the full brunt of the kick but a talon caught his face and scratches his cheek. Tomaki lands on his feet and wipes the blood from his face. The monster wasn't bluffing about his shell. Majora charges forward slashing with claws and kicking with his talons that slash through anything in their way like the AC units.  Tomaki dips and dodges to avoid the strikes. He knows that he cannot keep this dance up without taking a hit from Majora. He flies back getting distance.


(Kid Buu is Waiting… )


However, Majora stands as arrogant as before the fight started.  "Please do better. I might end this little game of tag if you don't."

Tomaki know he needs to get this thing away from the city as fast as possible since the fight was going to drag out from his hit and run tactics. He did not understand why his attacks were doing so little damage when they should be doing damage behind the armor. Its torso has scorch marks and maybe there is a chip or two missing from it. He should focus there. Maybe it has some other weakness to help him accomplish this goal. This thing seemed to like talking; maybe some conversation would goad the information out of it. “You shouldn’t be standing from all those hits… they are designed to punch through armor and hurt internally.”

Majora’s tail waves behind it lazily, “Well, as I said, I am a foe you cannot beat. I do not live in the same sense as you or any other meatbag. Yes, your blows harm me, but you won’t break my shell with them, and I do not have any of your squishy organs. I am a demon, I exist off pain and suffering; so long as these things exist, I thrive. You aren’t fully tenderized yet. Soon though, you will be a buffet of anguish.”

It clicks its claws against each other, "Or should I say, carving up."

Tomaki points his thumb over his shoulder, “Follow me I have a place where we can really stretch our legs. Then I’ll show you anguish.”


(Frieza Begs… )


Tomaki shoots up into the air flying to a training ground he frequents, a rocky canyon well beyond the city limits. Majora follows silently keeping its distance. Tomaki checks over his shoulder and it seems to honor their agreement, but he keeps his distance just wanting to keep the promise of a fight dangling off a stick. Tomaki lands in an open portion of the canyon. Majora lands opposite to him. Tomaki takes off his jacket and tosses it aside. He stretches his arms. "Now, I can show you what I can really do."

Majora retains its arrogant posture scrapping its claws together. "Not the sort of grave I’d choose. Then again, I’m not mortal.”


(Vegeta Super Sayian Theme… )


Tomaki yells as he powers up. He pulls from deep within himself for his sleeping might, and it responds surging at his command. He braces himself a golden aura surrounds him making his black hair golden and his green eyes aqua. The air hums around him. Tomaki takes a breath, and his piercing blue eyes met Majora’s own deadly gaze. “Now you will face everything I have… everything I am… Let's see just how strong that armor of yours really is!”

Majora lowers its claws invitingly the sight of the golden warrior in front of it only invigorates it! “Go ahead! Make my day!”


(Piccalo vs 17…)


Tomaki surges forward. Majora meets him. The two trade blows attacking and countering at blinding speeds. Tomaki has to block more than he would like with his elbows and knees to keep Majora's claws and talons away. Majora recedes under the pressure that the Sayian pours on it, its arrogant demeanor slipping. Tomaki now out speeds him and his skills allow him to be a more effective fighter. However, the Super Saiyan's strikes while stronger do not crack it. 

Tomaki couldn't help but feel excitement despite the stakes. The challenge motivates him to keep fighting. It has been too long since he had to push this far, and the idea that this was a foe he could not defeat only drives him further. His foe shares his vigor as they flew around and began to fire quick ki blasts at each other twisting and dodging to return fire now a fluid dance compares to the vicious melee from before. Once again, even with his great power boost Tomaki's blasts hit but only scorch the surface not quite enough to pierce Majora's hide completely. Majora stabs forward with its claw aiming to make a hole in Tomaki's chest. Tomaki sees his opening and acts on it leaning to dodge the strike while rushing to charge a boosted white blast. "Got you! Shoten Ha!"

Tomaki thrusts his palm into Majora's chest again and smashes the monster against a cliff face. Majora blasts the cliff apart to free itself. It then surges forward to Tomaki. The monster swipes at him but its claws find nothing but air. Then, Tomaki slams his knee into the monsters spine. The blow flings it forward. Tomaki zips in front of it and punts it up into the air. Tomaki reappears above it and brings his elbow down onto it sending it to the ground making a crater. Tomaki shoots up into the air and charges another Kamehameha wave, "KamehameeeEEE..."

Majora scrambles up and charges up a massive ball of swirling multicolor energy of its own.

"HAAAAAA!" Tomaki fires his blast, and Majora sends up its own. The two collide and the energy rebounds in all directions blowing past them and bits flying unpredictably around the battlefield exploding. Tomaki wastes no time descending minding his distance to the smoke cloud that engulfs Majora. Thin red beams cut through the smoke. Tomaki tilts slightly to the side dodging them. Majora walks out of the smoke firing more eye blasts. Cracks form on his exoskeleton as well as scorch marks  but it seems far from shattering despite all of Tomaki's efforts. 


(One Piece Zeal…)


Tomaki slides under the next eye beams and charges another Shoten Ha. Majora fires a kick at Tomaki, but the Saiyan leaps over it and aims as the monster's back. However, this time when Tomaki fires Majora kicks off the ground sailing over the blast. It flew higher and higher above Tomaki. Majora holds its hands above its head gathering a great amount of energy. It then fires it down a shotgun of tiny energy balls.

Tomaki leaps up and swept his arm radiating power and swats the balls at risk of hitting him while the others explode harmlessly away from him. Majora sneaks a slash at Tomaki's head but he manages to catch the monster's wrist. Majora wraps its tail around Tomaki’s waist and constricts. Tomaki grunts in pain from that; then Majora punches him in the gut repeatedly. Tomaki spits out blood his grip loosens around Majora’s hand. It leaves Tomaki breathless. Majora smashes its face into Tomaki’s. It let go with its tail and whips it at Tomaki’s head but the Super Saiyan caught it. He resurges punching Majora in its gut where he the most damage is. Majora’s armor keeps it from terrible damage but it still feels the impact.

It tried to swipe its claw but Tomaki fires a quick ki blast to knock it back. Majora rushes forward to spear Tomaki on its claws but the Saiyan wrapped his arm around his foes’ and knees him at the point he is focusing down. Majora doubles over in pain. Tomaki kicks it in the side but the monster catches his leg and held it digging the tips of its claws into his flesh. It fires eye beams into Tomakis chest and let him fall back.


(envy revealed adagio…)


Tomaki stumbles holding his burning chest. Majora holds its arms out arrogantly like it has before. "Did I not tell you, my armor is-"

Tomaki blasts at it again, but it bats the blast away with its claw. "… unbreakable, you are not. As I said, am what you fear, a foe that you cannot defeat."

Tomaki pants and growls as he takes his stance. “You don't know anything about me. Nothing is unbreakable. I will shatter you into a million pieces."

Majora clicks its claws together, "But will you last long enough to fulfill that promise?"

"Oh, don't worry about that." Tomaki replies with a smirk. "You worry about staying alive long enough for me to kill you."

Tomaki sighs as he weighs his options. He outpaces his foe with his power, but he might not outlast it. He knows he had only a few more shots to win but all of them took time to charge. Of course, if this monster had any intelligence, it would stop him before it would. So he has the fun choice of gambling for the win, and would probably lose if Majora sunk its hooks into him, or he could keep trying his chances on cracking its armor the slow way and risk running out of power before that happens.

He needs help, as much as he hates to admit it, if only there was a way to get someone here who could help him fight!


(Naruto The Raising Fighting Spirit… )


 Suddenly, the glint of the sun off steel flashes in Tomaki's eyes and Majora reels back. Shuriken stuck out of the tight gaps in its armor. It would have taken precise aiming to get between the plates and so fast the monster did not react until they slip in. It pulls the kunai out and tosses them aside. "Who has the balls!? I will gladly cut them off!"

"I do!" A mature feminine voice shouts, and the two fighters glance over to a nearby rock to see a black haired woman with a uniform unfamiliar to Tomaki, a grey vest covering her blue shirt and pants. A steel steel band with four dash emblem is framed by her short black hair. She smirks raising another kunai. "And I don't even have 'em ugly! Name's Akira."

There is another girl standing by Akira who is an overload of pink from her frilly ribbon covered outfit to her long ping pigtails. She pointed her right finger like a gun at Majora, "You mess with them you mess with the Fiery Gale! And in the name of justice I punish you!”

Majora cocks his head in utter confusion. Tomaki did not know who these colorful characters were, but he seizes the opportunity and raises his right fist. He builds up a ball of ki within it and makes it vibrate within his grasp. The vibration builds up in intensity faster and faster. Meanwhile, Akira charges Majora holding a kunai. Majora simply swats the kunai away. She makes quick hand signals, "Fireball jutsu!"

She then fires a stream of fire out of her mouth at him as she charges. Majora fires a ki blast that explodes in the fire, but the woman disappears behind the smoke. 

"Over here!" She shouted behind it. Majora kicks her but she disappears melting into water. It looks at the puddle and glances around. "A clone?"


(Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST - To be King… )


"Yup!"Akira smirks as a thick mist surround Majora. It unleashes a pulse of power to disperse the mist, but the heavy mist just reverberates around it. The mists then drop into a large water puddle all around Majora.

The Fiery Gale uses her fan to propel Akira high into the air. It looks up and sees Akira above him mid-arc of a jump in the middle of hand motions, "Fire hydra jutsu!"

A stream of fire erupts from her mouth forming a three headed dragon that rockets into Majora which engulfs him in fire and water boil and traps Majora in it like a lobster. The Fiery Gale then waves her fan shouting, "Inferno Tornado!" 

The flames draws up into a blazing tornado carries Majora up within it engulfing the monster in burning mists. Finally, the tornado dissipates leaving Majora on the ground smoke issuing from him and the scorched earth around him. It is shaken, with scorch marks all over itself as uneven as the flames that consumed him but not dead. It walks towards them ominously its claws ready to slice into flesh, furious that the fire seeped into the cracks of its armor. Tomaki charges his attack more. It grows harder and harder to hold onto but he manages. He needs just a little more powerful.

Suddenly, an explosion erupts from Majora's back. A new brunette woman in a black leather jacket readies another arrow in her bow. Rebecca the Night Angel draws another arrow. Majora charges a ki ball in its hand, "Enough with the explosions!"

It fires at Rebecca who dives out of the way and fires an arrow mid-dive that struck Majora's face. It staggers back nearly losing his footing. It digs its talons into the ground and keeps its balance. "That's it! All of you die!" 

Tomaki’s arm bled from charging his attack. Even as a Super Saiyan he could barely contain the power! The vibrating energy in his fist feels like it would break his bones if he held on another minute. It was ready. "No! Just you! Thanks for the help now get out of here!”

The Fiery Gale enlarges her fan large enough to pick up Rebecca, Akira, and her. She flies them away at top speed. 

Majora responds by raising its hand and charges a blast in its palm aiming at the escaping warriors. “You should not be here, and interfered for the last time...”

Tomaki shouts at the top of his lungs as he kamikazes Majora, “Jishin Kabutowari Magnitude 10!”

Majora turns and stares as he saw Tomaki’s fist coming at him bursting with energy. 


(ginyu transformation music the epic part… )


It pivots to aim the blast at Tomaki, but the Saiyan's attack smashes into its chest where he constantly hit it down resulting in an explosion so powerful it causes friction in the air like the force of an earthquake in the sky. Deep fissures formed in the ground as the cracks hit it. While Tomaki feels the force of the blow and his hearing deafens from the intensity of the fractures around him, he manages to focus it in Majora’s direction s oit does not rip him apart. The attack rips Majora asunder from the very air shattering around it. Its exoskeleton breaks apart and its stringy flesh underneath shatters. Small chunks of it fall to the ground in front of Tomaki.


(DBZ Goku Super Saiyan Theme…)


Tomaki exhales returning to normal. His right arm falls limp after the exertion and his adrenaline high recedes as the tide of pain from the recoil rises. However, he clinches his functioning fist in resolve as he stands over his eradicated foe. “I am Tomaki! Son of Belle, defender of all I hold dear, and I am the invincible Super Saiyan!”


(Moment of Victory…)


The light fades, and the monster falls silent. Tomaki remains the last on the battlefield. As he walks away from the scene, he ponders the ominous words of the monster. This entire encounter is too much like a dream…

The Fiery Gale flew herself, Akira, and Rebecca back. They got off the fan, and rush to him with concern their weapons put away.


(Fishing Hole - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess…)


Tomaki tries to flex his bleeding arm but it just drops the pain too much,  “Thanks for the help. I may not have been able to win without it.”

Rebecca examines his arm. “Are you okay?”

Tomaki nods smiling weakly happy the nightmare is over. “I’ll live. I think this is some kind of dream anyways. That’s the only way this is possible. I wished for help, and I got it.”

Akira snaps her fingers intrigued, “I’ve heard of something like this, shared dreamscapes I think its called.”

"How is this possible?" Tomaki asks with equal intrigue.

Rebecca shrugs adjusting her bow on her back, "Maybe that monster made it? I've seen Gods and legendary weapons that can do impossible things. I can believe it."

"Well why are we still here?" Fiery Gale asks curiously crossing her arms and folding her fan.

Tomaki sits down panting as he cradles his arm. "Really, I don’t care why I would just rather enjoy it while we are here. Mind if I ask who all of you are?"

"Akira of the Hidden Leaf Village." Akira winks and flashes the peace sign.

"Rebecca Anderson," Rebecca introduces herself with a polite nod and smile. “I'm what's called a Night Angel. I'm part Werewolf. That attack was awesome by the way."

"The Fiery Gale." The ribbon laden hero saluted fan flared. She enlarges her fan and sits on it. "What are you? If you don’t mind my asking?”

Tomaki rub the back of his neck bashfully, even though they meant nothing by it it was strange to have three warrior women talking to him like this. “I am Tomaki, I am a Sayian. Let's just say I'm a powerful warrior. So was what you all did.”

Akira bows respectively. “Thank you. It took a lot of training”

“You and the Fiery Gale worked together well.”  Tomaki replies. He remembers their cohesion in their attacks.

The Fiery Gale beams and she hovers to Akira and leans over wrapping her arm around “Our power compliment, and… it’s hard to explain but I get my powers from the fan and it houses the spirit of an ancient warrior. It helps me in fights and I just do things on a reflex. It recognized Akira's capabilities and worked off them.”

Akira raises a brow with interest, "Oh? Okay. I appreciate the help."

The ninja then glances over to Rebecca. "And hey Rebecca, you are a good shot with that bow."

Rebecca smirks and pats her bow. "I am what they call a Night Angel. I am part human and part monster, in my case werewolf. I am good in a fight, but I saw that thing's claws and figured I'd keep my distance."

Tomaki nods. "Good idea. That was he hardest part of fighting it."

The Fiery Gale strokes her chin thoughtfully, "I wonder how we can get together again. This was fun!"

Rebecca nods, "We can't exactly give out phone numbers here."

Akira looks to her completely lost, "What's a phone?"

Rebecca chuckles, "See?"

"Right," Tomaki acknowledges brainstorming silently, "Look, when we wake up, let's vow to see if there is a way to get back to this 'shared dream'."

The heroines nod, "Right!"

Akira smirks, "A shared dreamscape sounds like a fun pace to spar."

Tomaki stands and returns the gesture. "Sure, I'd like to see what you could do."

With that, Tomaki found himself awake in the middle of the woods.

(Forest ambience… )

He must have fallen asleep while training. He shoots up to his feet sensing a foul presence nearby. He sees something slithering out of the corner of his eye behind a rock. Tomaki feels like he just had an intense workout. His right arm aches with cramps and pain.

He rubs it as he blitzes the rock the thing hid behind, and he sees a slimy purple slug that has Majora’s evil eyes. It wriggles pathetically.

Tomaki sneers in revulsion. “So this is what you are really? A slug. I could squash you like a bug you little bastard.”

Like in his dream, he hears it laugh weakly,  “I can see it in your eyes… you are no defender. Only a ruthless monster could defeat me. I know what is coming…your eyes so full of confidence now… is only hubris, I… I look forward to the day that those eyes are filled… with agony…”

In a fit of anger, Tomaki crushes the monster weary of its talk. He sighs as he thinks that keeping it might have been smarter but dismisses the notion. Tomaki stretches as first light peeks over the horizon, perfect for morning training.

A Great Challenge! Tomaki Encounters A Strange New
This is a birthday gift I made for :icongabrielraven: in 2015, and I wanted to touch it up before publishing. It took another month... but here it is XD

I've had this idea for a new form of Majora from Majora's Mask with a mix of Frieza's simplistic final form and Cell's segmented plates on his Perfect form. As far as I remember, it goes unstated, but one of the many reasons that both of those DBZ villains were so dangerous was their bodies had a natural defense to it hence why many otherwise attacks would do little to them in addition to their incredible power. I wanted to play off of that. I cheated a little bit in the end ^^'

I left it intentionally open ended, don't consider it a part of the canon of Tomaki's story unless Gabriel Raven specifies it. Let me know what you think. Also: Tomaki, Akira, Rebecca, and the Fiery Gale belongs to :icongabrielraven:
Hello out there! I don't know how many aspiring writers watch me, but I was thinking of doing more on writing advice for what little I know/subscribe to. But what do you people want to know about? I had some ideas.

Do you want to hear about:


1.) Writing senses?


2.) Showing and telling?


3.)More Fundamental like grammar and words?


4.) More Genre related things?

5.) Reader submitted question that you want answered

The red curtain conceals the performers as they prepared backstage. Vivi, Miss P, Jessie, and Annabelle are all in festive garb.

Vivi, while she still appeared porcelain white, dragonfly wings folded behind her. She has a classic Napoleonic red toy soldier outfit that matched her sky blue ponytail instead of her rock star leather and fishnet stockings. She also had the sword Chris entrusted with her tied to her belt. Jessie had a three pronged Santa hat and her harlequin suit changed to the reds and greens of Christmas. Miss P wore an icy blue dress with white sparkles. Annabelle wears an 18th century tea dress with red and white strips like a candy cane. She also wore matching elbow gloves and  stockings.
Vivi knocks on a closet door “Ready Trixie?”
Trixie comes out. Dressed as a reindeer. With her face surrounded by face paint, she looked more like a deer. Her outfit was snug with false fur and a band with realistic looking antlers, but they were simply foam.

Vivi beamed "You look so cute Trixie!"

Trixie blushed, "You think so?"

"Wouldn't say it if I didn't. Though something is missing…" Vivi winked. She taps the wand on Trixie a nose and leaves a red round clown nose that glows like a lightbulb. "Rudoplh!"

Trixie glanced down her nose crosseyed. "I don't know if I can do this…"

Miss P took Trixie's hand into her mitt. "You'll be fine. It might be scary at first, but once you come out of your cocoon you'll be happy you did."

Vivi bits back a laugh, “Ready?”
Trixie smiles weakly. “As I’ll ever be.”
Vivi nods to Annabelle as everyone takes their places. “Bring out the set!”

Annabelle  took a box from a drawer full of tiny figurines and too out what looked like a child's toy instrument set. It contained two  microphone stands, a lead guitar, a keyboard, a piano, and a drumset. Vivi set them well apart and used her magic growing them to full size. She then swishes her wand again and adds a little extra florish and decorated the instruments with ribbons, holly, and lights.
Annabelle marveled at Vivi's work. "Making things toy sized sure does make them portable. I was a Blue Fairy for some time and the wand still amazes me sometimes!"
Miss P crossed her arms in satisfaction.  "No doubt. I figured it could do this"
Vivi arranged the instruments as needed. "So, ready?"
Jessie hopped around, "Yup! Ready! Ready!"
Vivi picked up the acoustic guitar. She then used magic to open the curtains to reveal a holiday crowd of families surrounded by  Christmas decorations. She bowed her head and she ran her fingers across the strings playing a chord to practice and tapped her boot to the beat.
Annabelle played an accompaniment on her piano.
Jessie was as much of an artist on the drums as she was on a canvas. Her springy limbs allowed her hands to glide from drum to drum despite all reasoning.

Miss P turned her mic on and raised her mitt high. "Who's ready for some holiday cheer and giving to charity?!"

The crowd cheered. Miss P clapped and they followed her lead as the band began to play the familiar tune of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Miss P and Vivi sang as Trixie came out and danced. Trixie started off timid, but like they said backstage the longer she was onstage the more she got into it.

Once that song ended, they started up Santa Claus Is Coming to Town. Trixie went to the second mic as a back up singer.

Miss P then glanced to Vivi. “Alrighty, this next one is Vivi’s favorite!”
Vivi traded her acoustic guitar for the electric guitar. “Finally! Now I can shred it like I want to!”
She strummed the guitar playing to the fist few chords of sugar plum princess to warm up; then she transitioned to Carol of the Bells. She then bridged into Three Kings and played the first verse and chorus.

Satisfied with the desire to shred out f her system, Vivi beamed and swapped her electric guitar for a bass guitar. "And now, Miss P would like to solo her favorite Christmas song."
Miss P blushed and sang Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Several brought out their phones to use like lighters. When she finished, they all wished the crowd a Merry Christmas and the curtain closed.
Dorm Room Dolls Christmas Special
Sorry it's a bit late, but here is this little gift to Dorm Room Doll fans of... more Dorm Room Dolls! Bit sloppy I think, but I hope you all enjoy!


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Hello out there! I don't know how many aspiring writers watch me, but I was thinking of doing more on writing advice for what little I know/subscribe to. But what do you people want to know about? I had some ideas.

Do you want to hear about:


1.) Writing senses?


2.) Showing and telling?


3.)More Fundamental like grammar and words?


4.) More Genre related things?

5.) Reader submitted question that you want answered


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