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Fionaesque swam laps in the swim teams training pool for her next competition. She practiced her breast stroke, butterfly, and freestyle in her training swimwear. Her school had a shot for the state competition, and while she was not the fastest on her team she gave them some depth and hopes to keep other schools off the podium. The swimmer wanted to be faster, but no matter how hard she trained, she only barely just broke her best records. Fiona pulls herself out of the pool sitting on the edge taking off her cap and goggles. Her friend, Marnie, clicked a stopwatch and threw her a towel, “You shaved off a half second Shark-Bait.”

Fiona shrugged taking a moment to rest her burning muscles and ease her breathing, “Eh, little by little Marlin.”

Marnie smiled at the nickname and helped her up “Here, let me give you a ride home.”

Fiona dried off as she followed Marnie to her car. She wrapped the towel around her waist and reached to the back to grab a shirt to cover herself. She stared out the window of their portside town as Marnie drove her back home to the sound of the radio.

Once Marnie pulled up in her driveway, Fiona got out and closed the car door, “Thanks for the ride.”

“Anytime!” Her friend replied then she drove off. Fiona walked up to her house and saw a box from Amazon on the front porch.

“Yes!” She cheered picking it up, “Finally!”

Fiona brought the box inside. She got scared when her order over DeviantArt was a week late, but she could barely contain her excitement as she ripped open the box and laid eyes on her commission from MermaidLover86. It was a new competitive nylon spandex swimsuit customized to mimic a Great White Shark’s coloration, a rusty grey and a white underbelly. Now she was no longer shark bait but the mighty hunter itself. Wasting no time, she swapped her training suit for the new one.

The swimmer started to walk to the bathroom to look but she fell onto the floor like her legs tangled together. She knocked over the box as she went down. Fortunately, she caught herself before she got a face full of floor. She looked back and gasped at the sight of her legs fused together! Her new mono-leg ending in a tail fin with the upper lobe of the fin double the size of the lower, like a shark. She groaned as her muscles burned as they swelled up. Her skin changed color from the waist down becoming a rusty grey with white on the underside. However, the swim suit above her waist strangely remained unaltered fabric.

She touched her new tail running her fingers towards the fin in disbelief and it felt rough, like sandpaper. When she moved her finger the other way, it pricked her finger. She stared at the blood droplet for a moment fascinated by it before sucking it off her finger. She felt a new surge of power emanate from the tail as it moved up her torso. Her muscles grew more powerful she never imagined it was possible! She wasn’t bear wrestling strong, but she felt she could take down her brothers like they were seals. Why did seals sound so appetizing right about now?
The girl began to panic, “Oh my god! oh my god! oh my god!”

Then, she felt a tingle and pinching between her shoulder blades, a dorsal fin!? It was unmistakable. Was she becoming… She couldn’t dwell on it too long as her mouth felt numb her gums shift merging into her jaw to make room for more razor sharp teeth. Her tongue shrank altering to a small piece of cartilage so her teeth did not cut it to ribbons. Speaking of her teeth, they became sharp and triangular as her mouth also expanded, widened, and hardened to suit them. Her nose broadened a bit to accommodate her wider mouth and something else. She couldn’t explain it, but it was like she sensed the traces of static in the air.

“Wait… I’m a shark,” Her panic shifted into a Cheshire grin as the changes halted, “Imma shark girl! Cool.”

She lay on her belly and flexed her right arm firming the mighty muscles. She was amazed she wasn’t dead considering sharks’ need to move forward to keep from drowning. That was a comfort all things considered. The shark girl noticed a note that fell out of the box and escaped her notice during her transformation. She reached for it and brought it close to read it.

Dear Fionaesque,
I have entrusted you with great power that can be used to harm or to help. I want to use you to help save lives. Don’t panic, remain where you are and I will be there in a minute.
Your friend,

Suddenly, a swirling blue glow issued from behind her casting a glare on the wall before her that reminded her of the way the sun looked from underwater. Before she could turn around, something grabbed the tip of her tail and drug her backwards.

Dear Lasserine,
Let all of your dreams come true. When you are ready, say Neptune.

Lasserine was a happy camper the day her new silicon, dark purple mermaid tail suit and the matching webbed gloves that came with it. She wished they glimmered more, but she was not going to judge a gift tail by the fin. She’s worn many different mermaid tails but this one from Mermaid Lover 86 on DA was intriguing.

Lass took her new tail to a pool to swim through water with it. She made sure that it would be swimmable. She then slid into the pool. She took her new tail to a pool to swim through water with it. She made sure that it would be swimmable. She put on goggles so that she could see better underwater. She slipped on the accompanying gloves which were just as comfy as the tail; then slid into the cool water of the pool.

The blue eyed girl swam around enjoying the moment, her hair drifting around lazy in the water.  this was a dream come true! She came up for a quick gulp of air then went back down. She spun so she could examine her tail for scuff marks and saw none. She had to cover her eyes from the glimmer off her tail from the sun though. Hey… wait… it didn’t do that before, and was her hair… purple?
Suddenly, Lass’ legs felt weak! Her feet felt like they sloshed around like the water when she flapped her tail; then her thighs, and it kept rising. It was like drinking warm soup making the cool water. She hugged herself from the euphoria. She couldn’t swim  up and  she didn’t dare try to take a breath underwater! She couldn’t hold onto it more. She gasped, did she just breathe underwater? She breathed again and it came and went as natural as air. She rubbed her now webbed fingers. She felt where the scales of the tail met her skin. Her skin was as squishy soft as ever, and the scales that reshaped her legs into one fin without a semblance of what it was before she donned were firm.

Lass floated in disbelief. She remembered the note and wondered if she could speak underwater, but since she was a mermaid now impossibilities went out the window. So she tried to speak, “Nep... Neptune”

She could hear her voice! She stretched her arms out wide as a new vigor filled her. “Neptune! Neptune!”

Was she dreaming? She must be, because some kind of portal, swirling vortex like a drain in a bathtub, it went from the watery blue into a rainbow of colors. On the other side, she could see a beautiful lagoon with other mermaids like herself who looked through it like a window: a lionfish-like mermaid, a clownfish mermaid, a seahorse mermaid, and a mermaid dressed like a pirate captain. They greeted her like a friend beckoning her through the portal. Who was she to refuse? She swam to them eager to join.


Ann sought refuge in her house from the rainy day. She cradled her freshly arrived package as she read the attached note.

Dear Ann,
This is a special tail of pure spirit. Enjoy!
Your friend,

Ann wanted so desperately to try it on but blushed at the thought of others seeing her too soon.
So, the girl went to her bathroom and gets into the tub with the made to order silver tail for a trial run. She opened the flap of the tail wide enough for her to stick her legs in, and as she did so she noted the comfort of the material that was comfortable against the hard bathtub. It was like pulling up soft bed sheets or wearing one long sock. Her toes even had some wiggle room. Once it enveloped her legs, it compressed becoming airtight. Cool!

Ann turned the faucet to let the water pour onto her wincing as it came out freezing first and then the warm water poured onto her. The girl with her first mermaid tail closed her eyes and felt warmth wash over her like a sea breeze. The sounds of the faucet pour changed to the breaking of waves on the sea, a salty smell tickled her nose. Her mind drifted with the breeze to the beach, she sat in the bubbling sea foam of surf as the rolling tide rolled higher and higher against her. Her legs numbed with each passing second but her stomach twitched from some movements below her waistline.

She dare not open her eyes though to see. She did not want to break the pleasurable illusion
She gripped the side of the tub and a nearby bar as the tide enveloped her catching her breath with its coolness. While she felt colder, it was not discomforting  or painful. It just felt, right.
She finally peeked. The fake scales in the tail glistened like real ones. The outline of her feet under the tail was gone… like they weren’t there…

Instead of smelling like a fish, a salty odor tingled Ann’s nose. She tapped the water with a finger and brought it up to her mouth. She had a taste, and it was nowhere near as salty as the ocean yet it had that distinct taste. It was really more like a relaxing spa bath. Was this what an outer body experience felt like?

She dared to touch the scales and stroke it and gasped when they felt as smooth as real fish scales! She hyperventilated splashing water and it was only then that she realized the tub was still filling up and with her in it was about to overflow! She turned off the faucet before she flooded the bathroom. She tried to steady her breath as the quick action got her blood pumping, not to mention losing her legs for a MERMAID TAIL!

"How am I going to get out of this?" She whispered to herself holding onto the edge of the tub in panic. As if in response, the water glowed.

“What tha…” She shouted grasping the sides of the tub before the light grew so bright it blinded her! She closed her eyes and then felt like she was submerging. Impossible! She dared not open her eyes and she held onto her torso like she was on a water slide. She felt like she was flushed! It picked up speed faster and faster but just as suddenly as it started it stopped.

Ann came to rest in a small pool of crystal clear water.  Her new silvery scales kept her from feeling what she now rested on. The luminosity of the world became tolerable again, so she opened her eyes. She was sitting on a crystal throne. She looked around her and the throne was in the center of a dais that curved inward like a giant bird bath. She could see the water cascaded down from the dais. The tip of her tail touched the water, and it was the purest water she has ever felt in her life!

She closed her eyes and rubbed her head just overwhelmed by all that had happened. “This… this can’t be real…”

She heard a giggle. She glanced towards her right and saw a lady with platinum blonde hair. She wore a red crown spiked like a trident and matching armor over her torso.  She could see the woman had a lovely orange mermaid tail through the pure water.  A crescent smile shone on her face, “Welcome one who is pure of spirit.”

“What?” asked now beyond confused.

“Oh,” The mysterious mermaid gasped covering her mouth, “You didn’t read the note?”

“Yeah, I did,” Ann replied putting her hands on her hips, “and it didn’t mention being turned into a mermaid!”

The mermaid propped her elbows on the crystal and rested her head on her palms, “Why do humans question amazing gifts? I am Lorelei, or Mermaidlover86, I am queen of this little mermaid domain.  Welcome to our kingdom sister. You are now a water spirit. One of a few who ensure the water we swim in is pure.”

Ann raised an eyebrow, “No catch? Other than me being the catch of the day?”

“Human curiosity is cute.” The queen giggled, “I’ll stem the tide a bit. Don’t worry, this change is harmless, think of it as a transference of sorts.”

Ann pulled herself over to Lorelei, “How do you…?”

Lorelei cut her off by submerging and swam deep. Suddenly, she rushed to the surface and leapt out with the grace of a dolphin. This thing must be deeper than Ann thought! The mermaid queen flipped then dived back in. She resurfaced winking playfully, “Come in, the water’s perfect.”

Ann dove after her powerful fin letting her chase after the mermaid queen.
Mermaid Tails (tf)
Most original title ever XD

Also, as if you couldn't tell by watermark the preview pic isn't mine!It's from Finfolk productions, and I wish I worked there! I really like the pic though but if it violates some kind of copyright i have a backup.

Spiritual successor to a Perfect Halloween Costume (tg tf) manymasksmanyfaces.deviantart.…  though without tg. This is the result of brave volunteers lasserine WitchMacy fionaesque accepting the call to try out some mermaid tails for Mistress Lorelei, or MermaidLover86. Not a lot of singing side effects, need to remedy that if I do another batch. XD

Let me know if satisfaction is guaranteed! Would you recommend Mistress Lorelei's tails to a friend?


:icon gabrielraven: tagged me again! XD

What’s your name   Aaron


Do you have a nickname   Many Masks, Sono, Big A, Drop Dead Sexy


Do you have a middle name   Aaron, yes I go by my middle name. Long story.


Do you like your name   It’s unique for guys, since seems like most people name girls Erin. Call me that and I’ll kill you! XD


Do people often mispronounce your name Not my first name, but my last name is sometimes mispronounced.


Do you like the meaning of your name   Thomas (my first name) means Twin. Clifford means "a mountain." And Corbett means "A little raven." So my full name means "A Twin Mountain of Little Ravens." Yeah, that's pretty awesome!


When is your birthday July 24


How old are you 23


Do you like your age As long as I have some money to have some fun.


What’s your zodiac sign Leo, sheep



What’s your hair colour Brown hair that borders on black


Is your current hair colour your natural hair color Yes


Do you dye your hair   No


Do you have natural highlights No


When was the last time you had a haircut March 29th


What length is your hair right now about what 4 inches on top two on the sides


Do you have straight, wavy or curly hair straight


Do you have frizzy hair No


Do you use a curling iron No.


Do you use a hair straightener No


Do you braid your hair No


What’s your eye colour Hazel.


Do your eyes change colour maybe depending on light idk I’m too busy seeing through them


Do you wear contacts Nope.


If so, do you use colour contacts or regular contacts no


Do you wear glasses no


Do you have naturally long eyelashes So I’m told


Do you have dimples No


Do you have moles No.


Do you have outstanding cheekbones yes and this is starting to sound like a dating profile, but I like it l3


Do you have freckles faintly on face and around ma body


Do you have piercings No


Do you have tattoos No


Do you wear make up No! I'm a guy, damn it!


Do you paint your nails umm….. male….


Do you wear jewelry I don’t like stuff on me too much asides from clothes.


Are you happy with your height Yes, though sometimes I wonder if I frighten people. I could be slender man XD



Would you consider yourself outgoing or shy bit of both depending on circumstances and mood


Are you sarcastic No, it’s not like it’s not one of my favorite kinds of humor. </sarcasm>


What’s your biggest fear That H.P. Lovecraft is right about everything.


Are you religious Me and the Almighty have… an interesting relationship XD


Do you get easily along with people Pretty much.


Do you cry easily might feel like it sometimes but not often



Do you live with your biological parents Can be a tenet there yes


Do you get along with your parents Yes


Do you tell your parents everything Yes


Do you have strict parents Yeah they can be rather protective but not helicopter.


Do you have siblings Yes. Little sister a little brother.


Are you the oldest Yes


Are you in the middle Nope.


Are you the youngest No


Are all of your grandparents still alive as of 2014 no



Do you have a best friend yup a few


Do you have more than 10 friends mmm I like to keep a tight group and I have a broad definition of friends


Do you have at least 2 friends you can trust with your life Yes


Do you have a lot of guy friends, a lot of girl friends or equal girl and guy friends I have a lot of girl friends and a lot of guy friends.


Do you text with your friends a lot Most of the time, yes.



What’s your relationship status Single


Have you ever been in love Not devotion levels no


Do you believe in love at first sight Definition: 'Love' is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope... Love is knowing your target, putting them in your targeting reticule, and together, achieving a singular purpose against statistically long odds. It usually ends in a mess.


Have you ever been in a relationship Yes.


Have you ever had a secret admirer I wouldn’t be secret if I knew


Have you ever been asked out on a date Yes.


Have you ever been kissed Yes.


Have you ever made out with someone


Have you ever been cheated on No.


Have you ever been proposed to No.


Do you want to get married


Do you want kids



Where were you born Georgia


Where do you live right now                Washington DC


Have you ever been out of the country   No.


Do you prefer country or city Country


Do you like sightseeing Yes with others


Is one or more of your parents from another country No


What places would you like to visit England


What languages can you speak I can speak English, Spanish



Do you have any allergies Not anymore.


Are you lactose intolerant No


Have you had surgery Yes.


Have you had stitches no


Have you broken a bone no


Has someone close to you died of an illness  Yes.


Do you exercise a lot no



Have you ever had a near death experience why do people keep asking this in these things?


Have you ever been on a plane yes


Have you ever had an all nighter yeah it sucked


Have you ever been to school/work after a sleepless night regret the all nighter


Have you ever been in a physical fight yes


Have you ever been to a wedding Yes


Have you ever been to a funeral Yes


Have you ever lived in a different country No


Have you ever been drunk hell yes and you should be with me


Have you ever been trick or treating Yes


Have you ever been in a school play   Yes.


Have you ever been to a camp yes


Have you ever driven a car Yes



How many languages are you fluent in 2.5. I can speak English and Spanish


have you ever read a book in another language no


Can you roll your tongue no


Can you braid hair No


Can you do a handstand no



Do you crack your knuckles Yep.


Do you bite your nails working on stopping


Do you bite your lips No



What’s your favourite movie I...I have no idea! I love a lot of movies.


What’s your favourite tv show Archer, Mad Men, Grimm. Rick and Morty


What’s your favourite book Harry Potter, Heart of Darkness, Lord of the Rings


What’s your favourite song singer Alan Jackson


What’s your favourite colour red


What’s your favourite animal I don't have one.


What’s your favourite season Spring


This or that

Summer or winter Summer, my birthday is there


Day or night Nightowl


cats or dogs   Both!


Rain or shine I love a rainy night


Coffee or tea Tea


Reading or writing Both!!


Humorous or serious I like a touch of both


Brown or blue eyes brown eyed girl~ but I like both and eyes of any color are just as pretty to stare into.


Single or group dates Single


Texts or calls Calls feel more personal


Driving or walking I like to walk andsmell roses, but also speed from the cops MWAWAWAWAWAWA!



Last phone call a friend


Last text Use (code) as Microsoft Account security code


Last song you listened to Ave Maria


Last thing you ate Hotdogs


Last thing you drank Orange Juice


Last purchase More Money on Train card




Last time you’ve been on a date Few weeks ago

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